Anime-Faces (whatever)

I used to draw comic in black-and-white style and pretty comfortable with it. Until 2 years ago somebody told me that my style was horrible. He said it was too much like manga (Japanese comical style). The big eyes, the sketch line, and the facial expression. I didn't deny it, I grew up liking manga and anime and couldn't help myself not to get influenced. Beside, the man telling me that critic, was an actual graphic designer so his advice (or critics) should be constructive. So I think about it over, and I knew that he was right. Until you found something that really 'yourself' or your style, you are nobody.

Well in searching of the style, I've been switching my style from one (pencil-drawing-colored) to another (doodle in black and white, not so manga-ish). Everything just always depends on my mood. Now I miss my old style, the one that make me comfortable even if people said it was too manga. Talking about that style, I found this sketch, the one used in the T-shirt design with my pal. Fortunately it was quite good and my friends like it (did I mention that I have TWO lame T-shirt design so this was a really fortune?)
the original faces
the sketched portrait (manga)
My friends posed with the Tee
We posed with the tees
They are my KKN friends. The tees were limited only for our team and they quite like it. Thanks friends. I really miss them. Hope to see them again soon. :)


  1. siip... biasanya neh, kalo kkn ada aja kejadian cinlok-nya. ada gak cowok yang isnaini taksir? hehehehe


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