Batik Everywhere

Do you know what day is today? Well, it's already night but come on, for you who haven't wear your batik today, grab it fast because it's the National Batik's Day! Yeah, it was announced that since October 2, 2009, the date has became a national batik's day here in Indonesia. And you know what,


I've been collecting a lot of batik outfits. Here are some of them (I don't do poses so these are what I can do best :).


(1) I bought this brown batik from the "Kampung Batik" in Cirebon during my job training there. It was originally XL in size but I was too in love with it so I took it and got it remade into my size.

(2) It called as "batik mega mendung", a famous batik motive from Cirebon, too. But actually, I bought it from Yogyakarta. It was a present from my sister in law. The first usage of this top was in my final project seminar. It's a very comfortable batik and it's blue! Just my favorite color.


(3) This was bought from a flea market in Sumedang. It was also cheap in price so I couldn't resist the temptation. Love the simple "rereng" motive on the front side.

(4) I got this one from my mom. It was originally a "uniform" batik in my family. We often use it to some special event but now I use this outfit to go to work.

(5) This is my newest batik. I didn't know where did my mom bought the fabric but I love this one because it came in my favorite color.

I still have several batik outfits but unfortunately I left them in my hometown. And seriously I still crave for more batik!

Okay now. I still in the middle of my KKW project. The deadline is getting tighter and tighter. Uuh I'm strangled! Bye now.

Batik national day.


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WOW Thank you!