Hello Linda!

I come to giggle when this video came into my social media feed:

Yeah, can you see? This boy made my day. He was very funny, arguing with his mother like a grown up. Hee hee. But let's focus on other things. There are Linda(s) around us! "Listen, Linda, Listen!" Why can't you listen, Linda?


I don't know Linda or a person like her, at all. I just want to share a little about my opinion. Well, let's say that I have this ability to interrogate people or anything alike, but if I close enough to somebody, the right question will lead them to talk and they will eventually tell me anything. Well actually, I don't try too hard or force people to do it because I actually don't care too much about people's businesses. If they want to talk then they will. That simple.
Do you want to talk?
Sometimes I wonder why they do it. Am I a comforting person? (And I think the answer is no, since I am a very awkward person - almost meanie). Maybe, I just can't help myself seeing people hurt with no one to talk to. I am like, "okay, why with that miserable look on your face? Come talk to me if you want". And then if they trust me enough they will tell me everything. Sometimes I enjoy it (like a freak) but mostly I feel like being punched in my face and I'm not allowed to scream. I am quite sensitive so your experience somehow influence my heart, too. Like, when you told me about your parents' separation then my head will spin, almost crying.