Hello Linda!

I come to giggle when this video came into my social media feed:

Yeah, can you see? This boy made my day. He was very funny, arguing with his mother like a grown up. Hee hee. But let's focus on other things. There are Linda(s) around us! "Listen, Linda, Listen!" Why can't you listen, Linda?


I don't know Linda or a person like her, at all. I just want to share a little about my opinion. Well, let's say that I have this ability to interrogate people or anything alike, but if I close enough to somebody, the right question will lead them to talk and they will eventually tell me anything. Well actually, I don't try too hard or force people to do it because I actually don't care too much about people's businesses. If they want to talk then they will. That simple.
Do you want to talk?
Sometimes I wonder why they do it. Am I a comforting person? (And I think the answer is no, since I am a very awkward person - almost meanie). Maybe, I just can't help myself seeing people hurt with no one to talk to. I am like, "okay, why with that miserable look on your face? Come talk to me if you want". And then if they trust me enough they will tell me everything. Sometimes I enjoy it (like a freak) but mostly I feel like being punched in my face and I'm not allowed to scream. I am quite sensitive so your experience somehow influence my heart, too. Like, when you told me about your parents' separation then my head will spin, almost crying.
Also, you can say that I hold a lot of secrets. Mostly, not mine. Somehow it feels like burden. For I myself not really open to others. I don't know if this is the right expression or not, but somehow, a good speaker isn't always a good listener. For instance, a girl blabber so much about her broken life, freak boyfriend, spoiled brother, or mundane occupation. But when it's my turn to tell her my problem, she's just not into it. She's just accidentally deaf.

Let's make an illustration for this:

Me : "So yesterday my boss told me that I was so slow in doing my job".
You : "Yeah?"
Me : "Well, I told him that I was busy doing a thing or two, which was instructed by himself, actually."
You : "Okay?" (checkin' your smart phone, a little giggling while reading the message)
Me : "But he was just nodded his head and then told me to stop reasoning. Sigh. Am I wrong?"
You : "hehehe.. Uh, sorry. Can you repeat it again?"
(I just smiled softly and wait until you stop minding your freaking smart phone).

I'm very serious with this thing, by the way. I can't open myself to a person who can't listen. Am I a very terrible story teller or what? Am I that boring? Sigh.. If you can't listen, it's okay. I won't push you. I mean, if you think your smart phone is far more interesting than me, then why do you talk or hang out with me? I also have smart phone, btw. But I only check it when no one's around or when there's this awkward silence in a clique of people I barely know. Or! When you start to check your smart phone and left me staring to the ceiling.

I am very demanding, I know.


This makes me think way deeper than the problem itself. I think I have this sincerity issue. I know I can listen (apparently yeah) and maybe people trust me with their story. But am I that sincere? Is that why they don't really listen to me? Or am I just too sensitive?

Really. Thank you for trusting me with all of your stories. I am honored. Even though I don't really solve anything, maybe listening is just my only ability. Not very good, not as demanding as myself when I force people to listen to mine. But well, thank you again. It is good being trusted. Let's hope that I won't let you down even by accident.


Well, Linda, can you listen better now?

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