Dear Anonymous

A not-so-kind comment was came uninvited to my previous post (pardon me, I've deleted it) last week. Unfortunately, this person (or robot, or alien, who knows?) forgot to write her/ his name on the comment. I've already got an "anonymous" commentator in my blog so I asked him directly if it was him. But now he said it wasn't him. Usually, I could find out who left the comment easily. I mean, most people are easy to predict, like from the writing style. At first glance I thought it was somebody on the blog, because it was so sarcastic (or I thought so?).
"A little advice to you, if you think your blog didn't 100% affect anybody or at least someone may read it, why don't you write in your own private diary that so limited only one or two people you allowed could read it?"

Gosh. Who are you?

I then go to my blog traffic (I hardly do this, but last week someone inspired me to do so, thank you) and found out that he/she read my blog through my FB on that day. I've got 700 friends on FB and I hardly know half of them. Then I assume that this person is not someone I know enough in reality. Probably acquaintance, I don't know. Too acquaintance to write her/his name, perhaps. Is that so hard to write your name? Or.. are you someone undercover?

Thanks for your suggestion, it really helps. Here's my reply to you.

Well, Mr. or Mrs. Anonymous, if you read this: it seems like you care so much about my life (as written on my blog post), so at this point I think I probably should give a short explanation. This blog, as you may aware from my "about me" page, is all about my alter ego. Which means, you never really know who I really am in the reality - not that it concerns you - but I write anything for my pleasure, not to please you. Of course I'd done my diary phase years ago, an activity that no longer interests me right now. If somebody found this blog inspiring, or at least you have a free sample of an annoying life to be learned, or observed, then who's to blame? I make an offering here. And if it annoys you, I apologize. Then the simplest thing to do is, close your browser, forget about my page, and move on. I will be appreciate it if you don't ever come back. :)

And here is to whom it may concerns. Like my friend said to me, "Ignorance is bliss". But who am I to deny that I do care about you? In my life, I never give such big efforts to reach anybody. Perhaps because I found a little myself in you. I may have told everyone that I want to be ignored, but deep down inside, I know I want somebody to reach me. I'm still betting on you. This is the furthest thing I can do. So, welcome (or goodbye).

Now excuse me, I've got movie to watch.