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I'm stuck. I need to run somewhere to clear up my mind. Every time I feel like stuck, I write here. Actually not everything is worth publishing so mostly they'll just saved here, and then forgotten. BUT REALLY I AM STUCK. Why brain? WHY? So this blog is like my escape area lol.

Yep. I'm currently in the middle of something and tomorrow is the deadline. I hate to admit my weakness, like, when I couldn't do something that everybody likes. I have a significant taste of everything and finding out that my taste doesn't meet everyone's fancy, I feel bad. You know I could just reject the task but hell what else could I do? It's like a burden but I am the one who has a terrible time using that "NO" word. Not complicated enough? Dunno. Forget it.

These two days I have a really good time. You know my mom is sick, but when you go home and seeing her glad that you come home, and enjoying the meal you made, or happy with you doing the chores although it was only for two days, man it means world. My nephew now has eight teeth, yippie!! We only separated for a month but there's so much thing improved by now. He has a lot of vocabularies now. He still recognize me as his aunt (that is actually the most important thing lol) and doesn't reject me no more. And here's a fun fact about him: his lullaby song is that dangdut song; Aku Mah Apa lololololol. Really cute boy. There's something else about some cat but let's skip that part. Uhm really. I need my brain right now.

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