2016 - First Post!


Time flies so fast somehow I feel like I'd be left behind because I move way too slow especially nowadays lol. But there are always stuff to learn from that slow-motion-life (I mean, year. I moved way too slow last year), right? Thing is, just keep going. Show must go on. Life doesn't stop while you're whining and complaining. Blah blah whatever.

Here are some interesting stuff happened last year in my life:

  1. Got something interesting on my birthday *blush* for the first time in forever lol.
  2. Bought my lovely Nexus 5 - I have no plan to change it; I used to get bored easily on my gadget but this one is very special.
  3. Moved out from my boarding house to the new one with fewer roommates - yay!.
  4. PENTATONIX!!!!!! Finally got a chance to watch their performance LIVE in Jakarta.
  5. Saechan (Sebi's only daughter) is lost. Probably died or something. The only cat left in my house is Bubby (Saechan's kid) and he's a male. I must get a way to extend my Mio dynasty (I've been keeping cats since elementary school and they are all related - story later). So sad T_T.
  6. Change of team in the office - except my boss. He's still there.
  7. Cooked a lot after a long time of hiatus. Since I moved to Palembang, I haven't cook any proper meal except instant noodle and then after I moved out, there is a fancy kitchen and so I cook again.
  8. The doctor gave me Xanax. Did I somehow look depressed or what? I didn't think so. I was so mad I won't forget this -_-.
  9. Change of job title - all so sudden!
  10. Bought my first bike (OMG don't even ask me about this).
  11. My brain was in storm. I have so much thing to think and been contemplating to change so many life-plans (Oh yeah I've got one, in case you wonder).
  12. My mom caught bronchitis and I was also told that she has weak heart :(
  13. Got all interest in Komik Indonesia. They are not so bad. Will post about this later.
Unlike some other years, I won't write about resolution or anything because all the things I've planned are mostly ruined because of my procrastinator - behavior *tears*. It's not that I have no plan but my plan seems to change and change and change. This year ahead is going to be a break point (If I'm not too scared to execute that plan lol). I'd better be prepared somehow, and ignore unnecessary thing. Being an over thinker is never good for my health.

I want to be more healthy and happy and I hope everyone around me, including you dear readers, are healthy and happy too. We should pray for each other happiness, okay?

So hello there, 2016! Please be kind to me, please let me run beside you, or else, just don't left me - again - okay? I'M EXCITED!!

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