Elsa? Anna?

This is originally drafted on February 2, 2015 (THAT OLD).

Are you Elsa? Are you Anna? Are you Usagi? OMG are you Rapunzel? *okay you can throw out now*

Uhm nothing really matters actually. I just love to manifest myself as other kind of character. Every time I see a movie I was like, Hey I like this one and my character is similar with it. Like in Mean Girls, I see myself as Janis. She's so sarcastic just like me. In Sailormoon, I am Usagi (who is dying to meet Tuxedo Mask in real life hohoho). In Frozen, somehow I think I am as brooding as Elsa. But lately I found myself as the "pusher" and "puller" as Anna. Well then this gave me an idea to make my version of Anna. I mean, I wear hijab, right? *giggling*

One day I smile at one of my picture when I was attending my graduation ceremony. It was kind of pretty - because I used a lot of make up in it lol. Now I actually hate it when people said I was pretty while using so much make up - you know, that thickly applied foundation and face powder, or a very red lipstick, or a very bright eye shadow. Man! You're pretty because of your make up! Is that how you want others to see you? They like your mask, not you.

So here's the thing. We can never really know about our self unless somebody else told us so. It was just hard to understand what's in the mirror because mirror shows us what we want to see, not what we really are. And since I am not a part of Abnegation faction (you're familiar with Divergent, are you?), I see the mirror like hundred times in a day. Not that I like myself that much; in fact the person who spends so much time to see the mirror perhaps has confidence issue. Well, you want to know what do you really look like? Take a camera. Don't do the selfie thing; the angle is usually not as good as when others took it for you. Also, use the standard camera, not the manipulative one. It's even better when they took the picture without you preparing the pose - candid. See? That is you. Good or bad.

Oh, and don't forget to smile. You'll never fully dressed without a smile.

So, are you Elsa? Or Anna? Or who?

Let's start again. My name is Dewi. I am not Anna or Elsa. I am Dewi, and if I was to be born again I don't wanna be somebody else. Not even to be Emma Watson or whosoever lol. I'm pretty much like it being me.

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