Picking "You" Out of the Blue

Friendship is a funny thing. You'd just pick them randomly and think "Ah, I like this one" and then you'd just start to hang out together. (unknown)

Relationship, too.

Or should I say, the wedding lock? The marriage?

Because I did it. Or I likely did it - because I don't believe in "accidentally". I found him one day,

1204 Days Before...

 and I was like, "That's him. That's my Mr. Darcy*." LoL.

You know I always believe that Allah gives us His blessing always. But His gift, especially "this", they come unexpectedly. Like when we started to stop wondering who is that one person who would be trapped with us forever (lol), and finally decided to stop being a hopeless romantic. Like this one. Like "you". I'm just picking you - not a "weenie-meenie-minie-mo" picking - but in a petrifying-sudden crush way. Like, "hey I like that one, he's gonna be an eligible candidate of husband for me". And then I forgot about him for a while until one day he asked about my "whatabouts", left me wondering constantly for a very long time. But it was stopped there. We never talked at all. He never showed up again until one day, this year, he asked me that word. Cringe? Ridiculous? Unbelievable? Believe me, I'm surprised myself, too.

I didn't left my left shoe on the floor in the middle of the night after dancing with you, or stealing your roses from your mansion hoping you would pick me as your lover. But here we are.
I was picking you out of the blue. And then suddenly after years, you decided to pick me, too.