Growing Artsy

Every child is an artist. The problem is how to remain an artist once we grow up. - Pablo Picasso -

Ever since I was a little kid, I used to have this imagination, that someday I will have a big printing company, producing lots of books (with pictures in it), be a part of magazine, and an art gallery that exhibits my artworks. But time flies and my interests have been growing, from medical to architectural, from comic to illustration, from chemistry to computational chemistry (it's fun thing to know that I don't have to do any lab works; I know, I'm a lazy-bone :]), and sometimes in the opposite direction. Also, I have a huge interest in biochemistry and molecular biology. You know it's a very interesting science stuff, mainly the immunology, knowing that you can actually fight a lot of disease just by modifying its arrangement at the smallest molecular level.. it's just priceless. Not that I'm the smartest kid in this field (in fact I only have the interest, not really the knowledge). See I have a lot of interests except anything sporty (I don't even understand soccer!duh).

Okay, but still, journalistic is the best field for me (come on, I'm a blogger and I do advertisement like in my whole time).

But hey, let's not talking about this stuff. We have to live the path that open for us right? And for my job is not really biochemist-journalist-friendly I have to bear with it. If I recall why do I work for, I used to remind myself that I have to work to use my knowledge for good. I didn't learn biochemistry for nothing. People always have this question, "you're a chemistry-graduated person, how come you'd be in this environmental, health and safety stuff?". And I used to like, "don't ask me,ask the person who plant me here (you know what I mean lol)". And then they were like, "why don't you pick the field that suits you best?". Oh I think they don't have to ask.

So about my workplace, I'm doing pretty fine here. The first months were fine. Still, it's not a really comfort zone because so many things I don't know yet. (And I hate to know nothing). I have this case, when people start their career at the lowest point (say, an EHS assistant) in some remote area location, I was put in the higher position, in a big city. It's not normal, of course. It makes people start to give you questions. And it's annoying.

It's a long story. The rumor spread like this "I refuse to work in a remote area that's why they put me here". It's not precisely correct if you want to know. *you can jump to paragraph 2 if you want to know what interests me best*. Fine, they can have any opinion based on or not based on that rumor.

But well, I'm agree! I mean, you know this EHS field has a huge range of knowledge: environmental science, health and industrial hygiene, safety with personal protective equipments, and so on. I have a very little knowledge except for the environmental science and a little medical -related understanding (because of my molecular biology final project while in my college). But come on, what's good with keeping finding excuse(s) instead of start learning? So I'm glad that finally the "upper" people sent me to this remote area, to make me learn better. Sounds naive, huh? I am this little girl who has never been away from her parents and now I have to stand by myself, in a remote area. How come I say this? Say, this is a motivation. If we don't push our self to be this oblivious when it comes to the bitter part of our life, I doubt that we can survive it. It's called syukur you know.

Again, though I say that I'm happy for this switch (do I say that this is a demotion? It's a long story), I pray to Allah that I will do good so they will take me closer to where I came from. Everything happens for a reason. If this is happened for my own good, why bother then? I believe that (as I always say) Allah knows best.

I'm an artist. Being an EHS officer won't do any harm for my life, in fact it'll keep my artsy side of me growing; well, because it'll make you grow up and growing up is a part of art. Just a matter of point of view. :)
Taken from my Deviantart account.

Pardon me for this melancholy side that always exposed in my posts, but if I don't write this down and re-read it whenever I feel down, I'm afraid I will lost on track and started being that fragile girl again.


  1. Whatever you decide, I'm sure you will be a success

  2. Art is a way of the spirit, it finds its own path through the day to day neccessities and distractions. Art takes the nourishment that pleases it. It grows and learns life from within us. But art also has its own agenda. It can go for long periods without creating a piece, but it does not remain silent. It has its way with us as we observe and do and present ourselves to the world. Those who keep art alive in themselves appear different from others because the spirit is feasting and the spirit is speaking. Keep your inner artbeast alive and you will have a deeper broader and more delicious life. I am 57 and have been sustained by my beast in good times and in bad.
    A passer by...

  3. I've been following your blogs lately, its "awesomely" cool..keep writing mba' broo..


WOW Thank you!