That Label

The hardest part of being the youngest person in town is the label "childish" they put on your forehead. No matter how much you've tried to fit in, no matter how much you've struggled to blend, they still have their doubt on you. 

Man.. believe me, you're exactly growing up. Even if they couldn't see it. Even if they doubt it. Maybe it's just, you grow too slow. And who said that if you grow slower than anyone else is a sin? That's not your fault. No one is interested to be a "Peter Pan" forever (maybe I would like to, but not in this real world. ha ha).

So keep growing. Keep trying. No fear. No doubt. You don't have to prove anything. You just have to be you. Even if they keep giving you candies just to stop your mouth from blabbing and crying (even if in fact you don't do any).

Too bad they considered you as a child so they give you the candy to make you stop blabbing.
It's not the candies you should blame on. It's about your reaction that makes you become a grown up or child (thanks to a friend who gave me this quote, although I changed it a bit).

*the word "you" on the whole post above refers to "I". 


  1. I love candy and I love this illustration! <3

  2. I love it! Sometimes I do feel that way too
    Anyway that illustration is lovely, did you draw it? I like it :D

    1. that's the risk of being the youngest person. heheh. yes, I drew it. :) thanks


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