Liebster Award: Pass It On!

This is new for me: I've got a "Liebster Award" from one of my blogger friend.

She's Juriko Kosaka from Japan. You can see her simple yet amazing blog here. We even did an "artwork-barter" last year and I'm so happy I want to do some more! Haha. Check her artwork for me here and mine for her here.

I feel so honored to get this award for I rarely post anything because of my business! Duh! So thank you again Juri! As you mentioned in your post about this award, now I'm passing this award to 5 of my favorite illustration-bloggers that I make her/him my muse. :) Btw, this is a hard decision since I have so many blogger-idols but I have to choose only FIVE!

Constanze Von Kitzing
She's an incredibly talented artist from Germany. Actually she's a pro and has done a lot of international illustration works. What I love is, she does a lot of children illustrations but the whimsical side is always emphasized. I really overjoyed seeing them.
Heidi Alamanda
An Indonesian born blogger but now she lives in US. She's really a PRO! I adore anyone who use oil-paint for their artworks because I myself couldn't use one and also never try it. Paint is really hard to handle and I love the way Mbak Heidi apply it to her artworks.



Whew it's been months since I've done my last blog post! Actually I've been busy doing my job-training schedule. It's like  the days are just changed from morning to evening and the noon is always skipped.

Without further ado, here are some sketches that I've tried to make to compile my daily routine. And oh, did you know that I've been in Cepu (it's a town in Indonesia) for 4 weeks? There are so much to learn and it feels like my brain is going to burst! (Okay, it's lebay). Well then, sorry for the poor image quality. We've got no scanner here! Begin:

Cepu, a 2 month-length oil and gas intensive course - 50% in progress.