Dream Theater

This is not about music. In fact, I know none about that band. Yeah, this is about the dream theater, literally. Well, this thought has been wandering inside my head for quite some time. In my mind, I imagine myself as several persons who act in some kind of boring theater.

The first person is the artsy one. She loves to draw so much and can't live without it. She adores the freedom and whimsical artist life. The second is a nerd one. She's a geek who loves studying and will be very happy if she can enter prestigious college(s) until she's tired of schools. The third is the workaholic type who has ambition to reach as high as possible the carrier she's been living in. The last one (okay, I said I have SEVERAL, not only four, but let's face it I have to make this short and readable), is the phlegmatic-home based-peace lover-simple girl who will be very happy to live an ordinary simple life: doing house chores, a little busy by a small-wages-regular job, live with her parents until she's got married and think about nothing but her new family.

This is not a battle-themed theater, nor a boring satire (I already said boring, actually). Since all four of the roles are important, you might be wondering: Who's gonna win? Well, who's the heroine, actually?

And there are 4 persons in my Dream Theater. Illustration by Me.