A Very Married Woman (& Man)

If I get married, I want to be very married.  - Audrey Hepburn.
Thus, perhaps one sentence proving women are obsessed with marriage. Or wedding. Ah, forgive me, it was probably not. It was probably only me who kind of obsessed with wedding - a decoration of marriage, I must say, but most importantly to tell people that me & a man who's name written on the invitation are legally connected & have rights to proliferate in advance - and used to make effort to attend a lot of wedding of my friends just because I love wedding. I love seeing the bride & the groom changing smile to each other all day long with those dreamy look in their eyes. I love seeing the parents all dressed up to celebrate their children's big day, with tears of joy & perhaps they screamed in their mind, like, "Finally!". I love the kids who played their role as "pager ayu", all dolled up in beautiful dresses and suites. I love the ijab-qobul happening followed by relieved sigh from the invitees. I love them all about wedding. 

And today is mine. I am attending mine. 


The Day Of
"Saya terima nikahnya..."
Kalimat itu terngiang di telinga saya yang tepat berada di samping kiri laki-laki berjas hitam yang mengucapkannya dengan tegas dalam satu tarikan nafas di hadapan Bapak dan Pak Penghulu. Saya sendiri menahan nafas. Segera setelah laki-laki itu menyelesaikan kalimatnya, saya menghela nafas lega diiringi seruan "Sah!" dari para saksi. Kini laki-laki itu telah menjadi suami saya.