Cabin Fever 101

How many of you understand that I'm an introvert with clumsy trait and not so-outgoing person? Ouch, that's bold. Now you know!

So yeah, because of those features, I don't go out much.

I have so many hobbies and they include nobody. I mean, I draw, listen to music, watch movies, read, sleep, write.. well, none of them include human in it. I know, if I'm not an introvert then perhaps I'm an anti social lol. Maybe that's my true form of me. At times I have a lot of friends, but I don't really get them to get me. I have social medias and uninstall them one by one before I become something I don't want. *is this too extra?*

I grow up kind of friend-less. My parents were busy, my brothers had other business to do (aside of making fun of me, kind of got on my nerve too much), my neighbors were much older than me (they were also making fun of me). I had cousins but their houses were far and my parents forbid me to play with them too often. It kind of build my personality today, like not a needy person because once I decide to be needy, I'd be very clingy and spoiled. Duh!

My new background to use when I'm too  lazy to make one hhe.
That's why I rarely feel that cabin fever feeling. You know the feeling for not leaving your room too long and not talking to anyone - completely alienated and somehow makes you insane. But I don't. I have so many things in my room to facilitate my needs of sanity. Here they are.


The Loyalist without Hobbies

What does "loyalist" mean to you?

Maybe you think the person who's not cheating in a relationship is a loyalist. The person who always defend and support you in any situation is loyal. The person who stays beside you no matter what, or the person who thinks you as a positive creature (IDK, what is the right term for this? "Husnudzon"), they are also loyalist. It varies but mostly, it agrees with the term "having or showing complete and constant support for someone or something (okay, I took this from Merriam-Webster)".

As for me, loyalty is not simply about supporting or defending. For me, giving respect is one act of loyalty. And actually it's a part of "supporting". Especially for something you couldn't completely understand. Like, hobby. Everyone has hobby (I don't know if there's a human without one lol). The common ones are painting, reading, even social media-ing. But some of them have this fetish not everyone could aggree. For example, collecting stamps. It might silly for some people, what's the meaning of collecting stamps, right? There's no practical or concrete use in it but we can't help it if we like them, right?


Bodo Amat

"The pen is mightier than a sword." - Edward Bulwer-Lytton.
Sambil nulis ini, saya sambil nyetel Youtube gitu. Gak ditonton sih. Hmm awalnya nonton. Dimulai dari nyari-nyari video clip musisi favorit (saat ini lagi suka banget sama Sia), lalu video Stand Up Comedy baru (atau lama) Ge atau Uus, sampai kemudian nyasar ke video Mata Najwa yang beberapa waktu lalu abis wawancarain anak-anak presiden tahun ini. Sampai di video terakhir akhirnya suara Youtube menjadi background postingan ini - kalau di-publish sih hehe. Well, setelah beberapa lama gak nulis, yang notabene melanggar janji saya untuk konsisten nulis One Day One Post alias #ODOPfor99Days yang belakangan jadi hashtag di blog ini, tiba-tiba saya terinspirasi sama video tersebut. Haha enggak lho. Saya gak ngefans sama sekali. Tapi sebuah pelajaran bisa kita dapatkan dari mana aja kan? Even tempat terkotor di bumi sekalipun (pemisalan hiperbola).

Misalnya bagaimana mereka membentengi diri dari "serangan pena" (okeh, gak pena-pena banget; "kata-kata") haters, kaum nyinyiris, dan kepoers-bertopeng-fans.

Grumpy Cat is one of "bodo amat" guru lol.
Mari bicara tentang hal lain dulu. Ada dua kalimat yang lagi trending belakangan (di benak saya). Dua kalimat yang 'gak tau "rasanya" kenapa sama sehingga ketika saya mendengar dua kalimat ini saya jadi gak pengen dengerin lagi orang yang ngomong itu selamanya. Oke. Lebay banget ini. Gak sekejam itu kok saya. Kalimat apa aja itu?
1: "Gak ngurus. Emang kenyataannya kamu X ."
2: "Kamu X sih. Hahaha tapi saya cuma bercanda".
*X refer to kata-kata menyakitkan.