The Ramadhan 1440 Preps

Last year I don’t really over think everything but we knew this year is going to be different. Not that I become lazy to wake up very early, or do stuff eagerly, no. I just quite lack the energy - I mean I still cook & all but the capacity is lesser. So yeah, I (& Mr. Darcy) tried it differently this year: we did a lot of preparation and we were excited. What are they? Common things, actually. Like, food stocking, cleaning, listing stuff, and decluttering.

Originally featured on Mosqetch, for sketching solidarity for NZ shooting. Drawing by me.
Since it’s Ramadhan day 3, and it’s not too late to start (or continue), we’re going to share a bit of our common preps - which we sure y’all already made steps ahead us.


gerund or present participle: decluttering

  1. remove unnecessary items from (an untidy or overcrowded place).

    "there's no better time to declutter your home"
(from Google define).

Decluttering is fun. I’ve been doing it regularly since middle school. The reason behind it was because I was (and still) a messy person. So I need to sort things out every once in a while. I once became a shopaholic - believe me, I was - and things became stacked so much, too messy to handle. I forgot what I’ve owned and sometimes I bought things twice. Duh! So when I do the decluttering, I chose what I like best and kept it in my inventory, then gave away the rest to those interested. Year after year my stuff became lesser and lesser. Such a minimalist - this is also inspired by how Mr. Darcy has a similar experience (and troubles) and his decision to become one has been made up far long before mine. Now I only keep a small pile of outfits, shoes, make ups & bags in my closet.