Strange Games (As If Your Life Is Not Strange Enough)

Several weeks ago (Wait, WEEKS?) I accidentally met one of my colleagues from my early years in this company.  We haven't met for like, four years since our on-the-job-training and not much changes except I recognize on of his friends (that was actually ALSO MY acquaintance) was forgot my name *sad face*. So after small talks like, how are you doing, where are you placed now, etc., etc., he then said:

"Btw I still read your blog, and I noticed that sometimes you seems disturbed (Actually the Indonesian word for this is "alay" lol), why was that?"

I just laughed. Okay the good news is people still read my blog lol and he blogged, too, so we kind of follow each other blog although he's been dormant till now. I was quite surprised because it's been too long. Thanks loyal reader! Lol. And the bad news is, as a blogger, your life becomes more and more predictive. Like, when you are disturbed, people can see it in your writing. You tried to hide it once or twice but it's not always successful. I no longer care now actually. I can just laugh it off lol.

Life Is Strange is my current favorite game. Really love the gameplay and ambience. Dark enough to be my thing. If only The Sims has this kind features lol. Illustration by me.
Anyway, I've been playing games again for several days now. I am a seasonal gamer and when I play, I spend hours and hours. Since I rarely go out and I've been paying my fasting debt (I know, it's a shame because I'm such a procrastinator) so to kill the time I just play the games. They are mostly on PC. Mobile games are interesting, too. They are just too short to fulfill my interest.

Well to feed my satisfy, my game has to meet 80% of these criteria (lol):
As seen on my post here, no matter how suck the game is I will still play it if the artwork took me fancy. Whimsical or fairy-tale-ish creature will be an additional value.