Working Today

It feels incredibly refreshing, starting to arrive early in the office like what happened in my early years of working here (I mean, until the midyear of 2016 I still arrive at the office before 7 AM sharp). Don't get me wrong, my office has a flexible entry time ranging from 7 AM to 7.30 AM so when I say I don't arrive early, it means I arrived like 7.30 AM-ish. And then this noon I received this job-anniversary certificate, stating that I've been working here for five years.


Wow! If they include those OJT year it supposed to be 6 years, no? How time flies...

Oh and so you know again, I've been stagnantly here for 4 years now. So basically I've spent most of my entire career here in Palembang. And to be honest, it equals with, growing older (and wiser? dunno) here. Like my adulthood is starting and progressing here from 24 to 28 yo of my age (I'M THAT OLD, I KNOW!). Ah.. what is it with Palembang? Sometimes it feels bleak and empty. Especially when my mood is in some kind of juggling state. Up and down and up and down. Often it felt like it was gonna break into pieces.. but it didn't.

This city has became one spot of comfort zones. Four years is not a short period. If it's a relationship then it'll be time to decide whether we should continue or just cut it.

Continue. Or Leave.

Of course it's never been an option for me, as a corporate worker whose the fate decided by those upper-level-men. But I don't know. I feel like I have a choice. By choice I mean I have another life to consider. The new one. (So basically it's not even a choice). I need to take a step and I know this time I won't be alone.


The Expected Uninvited

I was in the middle of rushing to catch a usual homecoming flight from Palembang to Bandung when suddenly one of my colleagues called me - a way too long one - on the phone. Because of this call, I didn't hear my name being called many times on the PA announcing they would fly soon if I didn't rush. And so just it.

I skipped the flight.

In my right hand I still had my freshly packed pempek for my family. God knows what was the history behind that unearthly box (okay, I was slipped on the wet floor - with no "caution wet floor" sign on it - with a small sick muscle and big embarrassment while exiting that pempek shop). So I was just there. Sat for a while mourning my incapability of hearing (was my ears covered with extra wax or something that moment? eww) that important thing, until I realized that something else - bigger one - was about to happen.

Artwork by Me.

201 Days Before

Karena gagal pulkam di sebuah long weekend nahas itu, akhirnya saya memutuskan untuk ke luar kamar - maksudnya, saya akan "terjebak" di sini selama tiga hari lagi dan saya harus punya kegiatan dong selain hanya tidur dan makan di dalam kamar. Jadi saya pun berencana untuk ke toko buku yang dilanjutkan dengan acara menggambar siang, dan yaah kayaknya oke juga kalau diakhiri oleh pijit refleksi (saya sama sekali gak cinta sama yang namanya pijit-memijit, namun peristiwa "jatuh" terpeleset di lantai basah di toko pempek itu mengakibatkan bahu kanan saya memar dan kaku hikss) di dekat kosan saya.

Tampak seperti rencana yang bagus, bukan?