A Pep Talk for A (Potentially) Toxic Co-Worker

Can we really help the toxic people by giving them some (extra) effing empathy??

Fact check: being in a career-world for almost 5 years took me to realize that since I signed that contract, I have decided to drown myself into that cruel society, where friend(s) are rare things to find (if not nonexistent) and enemy(es) are growing in number (or ability!) as we climb to a higher place. No no, not that I have climbed higher place (yet) lol or got promoted whatsoever so I have enemies, no. I was tempted to say that, because I've looked around, analyzing the circumstances, terrified by that "war" that constantly takes place, and then I came into that conclusion. Scary... And if you think you have no enemy, uhm honey, you may think you have none, but probably some of your fellas slash co-workers have marked you as theirs.
Taken from The Intern, as I captured on my sketch book.
During my observation, I found this phrase, "the toxic co-worker" who put poison in your days and spread the hate every time they walk or speak. Do I have one? Or am I likely that one? IDK. But they are do exist in many forms. The one that annoys me too much is this ultra-cocky-playing-victim-empathy-beggar (what a phrase! lol). Yeah, we have (at least) that one co-worker who constantly upset because he/ she thinks that people are got them in a very wrong place, gaining followers by using his/ her sad sad rants while silently owning an ultra-huge self esteem, that he/ she thinks he/ she deserves better things (like wages? position?) than others.

What?? Ew! Right?

I've been struggling with one of those kinds of people and somehow it drives me nut, like, I hope I could change them or giving them my empathy (more like pep talks, actually) to make them less annoying, but man I was unsuccessful lol. Let's hope that we're not part of those cr*p. I mean, we have our insecurities and stuff but always keep in mind that not everything is for shared and that toxic is bad for your mental health! We started working usually at our 20s, I think it's mature enough to enter this world but those people do still exist.

About my version of that toxic co-worker(s), I have an analysis for each phrase mentioned above: