The Fantastic Pentatonix: On My Way Home Tour in Jakarta; Special Report!

Guess what? GUESS WHAT?!!!

Hee hee. Pardon my overwhelming opening sentences but I really really super excited because yeah, I watched them performed back on June 3 in Balai Kartini, Jakarta. OMG I was super duper excited because let me tell you something, I've been their huge fan since I first saw their Video Clip covering Radioactive by Imagine Dragons, featuring the violinist Lindsey Stirling on Youtube (circa 2012)! I've been falling in love with them ever since. I've saved all of their MV on Youtube and listened to them like everyday. They have this fun element on their arrangement. I mean, I love a capella (but not the main stream a capella, this one has beat box in it!) and I love Disney. I think Pentatonix has both my favorite elements in it. No wonder I love them SO MUCH OMG.

Pentatonix squad. Left to right: Avi, Scott, Mitch, Kirstin, Kevin. Artwork by me.
So yeah, I first saw the announcement on their Facebook around April and I was excited so I posted it everywhere on my social media accounts. I want to watch it so much but has no idea who'll join me. I didn't want to come alone (as if!). Besides, it'll be my first time ever attending event like this. I mean, I know some people who might like their music by the "like" they gave every time I posted their music stream on my social media page. But perhaps they don't like it too much to watch Pentatonix live on stage. But I do. So I asked around and at first nobody wanted to join T_T. Until I remembered one of my college friend (a close one) who has hobby to watch concert (she is a K-pop-ers - I don't know how I call them - and has watched several K-pop concert) and after some of negotiation, she finally accepted my invitation. Yay!