Feline's Brigade

This weeks's theme of IF is "Brigade". First thing I captured in my mind about brigade was army, troops, etc. Uhm.. quite sure, actually. Well without further ado, I make this illustration, about feline's brigade.
Feline brigades. Their motto is "thou shalt fear the dogs nor the sea".
I don't know why it end up like this. It likes a pirates crew. Is pirates crew also a brigade? Never mind. I draw cats quite often and drawing various cats is fun. So here's the list of the crew:

(from left to right):
1. Lynx cat (a rare species, founded in Siberia..uhm where's Siberia?lol)
2. Persian cat (elder)
3. Black ordinary cat (the smallest member yet the most brave one)
4. Lady Ocelot (you won't like it when she's mad)
5. Mr. Lion (wonder why he's not taking the lead here)
6. Puss in Boots (heheh, it's a twist. I love this character so much!). He's the leader since he's so clever as a cat.

So.. what's your opinion?


  1. have u watch puss in boots before?? you must add Kitty, the cat who doesn't has claws.. nice pic anyway.. ^^

  2. heheh awesome line up I love that alll their different personalities are shinning thorugh :D

  3. Haha, what a terrific lineup of cats! My favorite would have to be the super fluffy Persian with the eyepatch. Great job! (As for the lion, I think they are rather notoriously lazy so if someone else can do all the hardest work they let them.) :)

  4. Ollaaaaa...Thanks for visiting my blog :D
    I love ur illustrations, CUTE!!! and "a Woman in Kimono" is adorable!!! ♥


  5. very cool! love the feline on the end....


WOW Thank you!