Just derping around with my old files when suddenly found these pieces of comics (lame ones, though). So here they are (its in Bahasa, sorry):



2013 = 23

I told you this like over and over again, but well I can't help not to say this. So this is why I'm excited with the whole new year thing: I've got my birthday just 2 days after the NYE. Hehe. No, I'm not really celebrating myself. It's the same day as the other days are. Only, people send us their prayer, their gifts, and their treat-requests. (Thanks for everyone who sent me the birthday messages, texts, walls, mentions and calls).

One of the best moments was I've got a rainbow cake for my birthday from my new friends in the same boarding house. It was really unexpected because they are my new friends who apparently haven't know me well to give me something like a cake. But I do appreciate that. Big thank you guys! :)

Thank you "Pinky Residence fellows" :)
The best part is of course the prayers you guys sent me. You know, I truly believe in the power of prayers. So I'm not bothered with that. Thank you from the bottom of my heart. 0:)