Happy Eid Mubarok 1432 H!!

Salam, brother and sister..

Today is the Eid Mubarok day. Some ummat had their Eid Mubarok yesterday but in Indonesia, here, the government decided today as the day so we just accept it.

Actually, I didn't make something particular - the drawing or photoshop-ed file - so I just recap the impressive Eid greetings from some of my friends (in Bahasa Indonesia).

"Hidup adalah belajar.
belajar IKHLAS meski TAK RELA
Belajar TAAT meski BERAT
Belajar SETIA meski TERGODA
Belajar..dan TERUS belajar!!
Mohon maaf lahir Bathin."
- Chuwie

Banyak dosa tak terdeteksi dengan USG
Tak terdengar oleh STETOSKOP dan tak terlihat dengan RONTGEN dan CT SCAN
ANTIBIOTIK tak bisa mengobati
ANESTESI tak mampu menahan sakit hati
Hanya kata maaf yang mampu AMPUTASI segala virus hati.
Selamat Hari Raya Idul Fitri 1432 H."
- Yani

There are still many of them but these two are my favourite this year. I dunno where did they find the words but it just sounds great.

So...HAPPY EID MUBAROK!! Please forgive my faults and hope we could meet the next year's Ramadhan. :)


(on line) Manga Talk

Hi everyone!

This week I spent my time most likely by reading some online mangas. You know, if you like manga but for some reasons, you couldn't buy the printed version (I know, this is pathetic), then I suggest you to spare your time seeking your favorite manga and read it on line. There is an unwritten rules if you choose using online manga reader, you shouldn't copy it to your desktop or even print it to publish by your own.

So, by the way, I decided to share where you can read online mangas. But before that, I want to share what I read this week and hopefully this can be such a guide. Just click on the title to get a link to see the mangas. I like various themes of mangas. Please note that everything here is just depend to my personal interests, so if you think you don't like any, just leave it.:)

This manga is written by Yukari Kawachi sensei. Such a vintage manga, but trust me, I like everything made by her and I've been searching this title for years! Hm..it's a shoujo manga, told us about a half-breed girl born from a demon father and an angel mom. This girl, when she turned adolescent, she could show her power both as an angel or demon. Problem is, she lived in a human world and also fallen for a human boy. So you could imagine the problems. Impressions: funny, romantic.
Arisu Ga Fushigi by Yukari Kawachi

Written by Hiroyuki Eto sensei. This is a very children story. The characters are drawn in chibi style (every character are half in sizes). The story told us about a game-like adventure, about a boy who destined to be a Hero to save the world, along with a magician girl who's so clumsy and still need more practice. I like this manga because its funny and ridiculous. Recommended for the comedic lovers.
Mahoujin Guru Guru by Hiroyuki Eto

A horror manga from Yukito Ayatsuji and Hiro Kiyohara. If you like Asian horror (like The Rings, Ju-On, Shutter) then you should try reading this manga. Its scary from the beginning. Guaranteed. PS: I really really adore their artwork. Uhm..may I copy your style, sensei? :P
Another by Yukito Ayatsuji

A light love story from my favourite mangaka, Aya Nakahara sensei. The manga told us about Minami Misora, a not so bright student who's forced to school in a high quality gakuen. At first she hate anything about studying but she changed her mind when she fell in love with the-not-so-bright-boy, Koji Kun. This manga is so light and fun to read.
Benkyou Shinasai by Aya Nakahara

Aaaaah I love Lovely Complex! This is also made by Aya Nakahara. Since I bought the second book because of random picks, I eventually fall in love with this manga. It is about Atsushi Otani, a shorty boy with his bestfriend, Risa Koizumi, a very tall girl. Things are getting ridiculous when they realized they have feeling for each others. With funny conversations here and there, I sure you'll laugh a lot when read it.
Lovely Complex by Aya Nakahara

It's from Youko Kamio. Happen to know about a film titled "Meteor Garden" or "Boys Before Flower"? Yeah, it was originally coming from her manga. Well then I found this manga (also written by her) and totally fall in love. She always manage to make an emotically up beat manga, means you can feel the characters' emotion so deeply without losing the interesting story. I even wanna cry everytime I read the sad section. Anyway, this manga told me about an actress, who suddenly got no confident because of a betrayal from her own best friend. How did she overcome her problem is the main point. You'll get a lotta life lesson, and somehow this character will remind you about yourself.
Cat Street by Youko Kamio

Unlike the other comics, this one is different because it made by a Korean artist. Yes, instead of calling it 'manga', it supposed to named as 'manhwa'. The comics is written by Baek Hye Kyoung. This is a gender-bender manhwa. The main character is a girl who forced to be a boy and built as an idol star.
Chiro Star Project by Baek Hye Kyoung

Oops, did I write too much? :P

As promised above, here where you can read some online mangas. If you find other useful manga sites, please let me know! :)


4 Elements

Did I say how much I love The Lord of The Rings (its movie, books, anything!)? Well if I didn't say it, then I say that I do adore The Lord Of The Rings. I love the environment, middle age things, the creatures, and of course the story itself. I mean, who else in the world can imagine such a great never lasting tale like that? And when they decided to make the movie, that was very close to my imaginations in the books. So here I am, love anything about hobbits (their upcoming movie), wizards, kingdom, places and most of all: the elves. If you like Orlando Bloom, that actor played Legolas, then u know what I mean.

And what I read lately was the Percy Jackson and the Olympians Series. That story is amazing. And I always love the myth in a story. That nymph thing is really affected my mind and I think that creature is cool. Sometimes I wonder, why would human make such weird imagination? Maybe because we are easily get bored with the reality. It born the myth itself you know.
My inspirational collage
But this isn't what I exactly want to tell to you right now. Thing is, I get inspired by all of these things and decided to make my own version, of course in combinations of all the excitement. So the result is these:
This is supposed to be the "Dryad".
Uhm..I make this as an air fairy - is it actually exist?
The Naiad - water fairy.
Maybe this is Hestia, miss fire.

4 Elements: earth, air, water, fire.
Actually, there are not only 4 elements, if you know what I mean. See the periodic table of elements, and you'll understand. :P


Selamat HUT RI ke-66!

Tepat 66 tahun lalu pada tanggal 17 Agustus, telah diproklamirkan kemerdekaan bangsa Indonesia. Semua itu berkat jasa para pahlawan, inisiatif pemuda dan juga berkat Allah SWT tentunya. Kabarnya dulu pas proklamasi itu bulan Ramadhan juga lho. Sekarang malah 17 Agustus = 17 Ramadhan. Semoga bangsa Indonesia dibebaskan dari kebodohan dan kebobrokan akhlak. Amiin. :)
My artwork for Indonesia


I've got NYLON-ed!

iLast month I got the competition announced on my newborn lovely magazine's twitter account, NYLON Indonesia. That competition was about the Art issue which will published on August (yes, this month issue). The competition attempted to give us free giveaway, a Sony Ericcsson Android hand phone. All you have to do is making an artwork, in any media, and send it via post to the magazine's office address.

I was so in love with anything manufactured from that manufacturer and so did I made an artwork, with some practices before, and sent it to that magazine's address. I never wonder my artwork will be featured in that so cool magazine, and because I made it in a hurry, the artwork seemed a bit lame. I had no time to scan it to my computer and edited it in Photoshop, like I used to did. So I sent my pre-edited, unfinished artwork to them. Embarassing.

But then I did it! They featured my artwork on their issue, par avion page which contains any comments from the readers, means everyone will see it. It really surprised seeing my lousy artwork in one page with another cool artworks. Next time I have to be more careful.

They got my name on it.

Oh and the competition isn't finished yet, so I still have chance to get the present, that Android phone. I hope (even if it seems impossible) I'll get that giveaway. xoxo


Korean Addict!

Just wondering, kenapa ya makhluk-makhluk Korea (selebnya) yang wara-wiri di layar TV maupun DVD, bisa bikin penontonnya adiktif? Mikir aja kenapa ya seleb bentukan mereka bisa segitu melekatnya di ingatan. Padahal kalo dipikir-pikir, muka-muka mereka biasa aja. Ya sebenernya kalo namanya seleb ya pasti mukanya lebih kamera face dibanding rakyat jelata kan.Tapi ayolah, apa yang membuat mereka jadi semacam kebutuhan para adiktif-nya?

Ingat saja, drama-drama Korea yang ceritanya selalu konyol tapi sekaligus manis. Terus boyband-girlband yang isinya cowok/cewek cute jingkrak-jingkrak, didukung popularitas mereka yang menanjak gara2 berani ngocol di reality show (EHB, WGM, RM, you name it).

Korean ADDICT!
Tapi sekali lagi, kok bisa sih???? Dan kadang akupun mengalami gejala tersebut. Seminggu ini di TV ada film Secret Garden, Drama Korea yang dimainin sama Hyun Bin dan Ha Ji Won. Pertama liat Hyun BIn, sama sekali gak berpikir dia keren apalagi cute. Tapi beberapa kali nonton film itu, Hyun Bin jadi salah satu aktor Korea favoritku, ngalahin Kim Nam Gil, Lee Min Ho, Rain apalagi Won Bin. Tambahan, sebenernya aku termasuk Otaku alias Jepang-mania jadi rasanya sedikit bersalah menyukai produk-produk entertainment Korea. Ah Hyun Bin..why am I so addicted to u??

Lotta LOVE for Hyun Bin.xoxo
Somebody please bring me back to the reality!!!x(


Fan's Portraiture

iHonestly, I don't really like using markers to color my illustrations. But one day I found this artist (her name is Artaksiniya) in a fashion magazine, and I eventually inspired by her way in coloring her artworks.

Here's her website. I really like her artwork so I decided to use that technique - although mine is not good enough. So.. check these out.
Amanda Seyfried, I adore her.
Do As Infinity - a GREAT duo from Japan.
This is supposed to be Elijah Wood. *blushing*
But I think the key is just to be confident with your every choice - markers or anything, as long as you comfortable with that technique, there won't be any problem then.


I'ts been a year..

It's been a year since I officially appointed as a bachelor of science. Yes, I've said before that I entered college majoring in chemistry and had graduated since 2010 - on this date. I still remember how my heart beating so much while waiting the judicium outside the room where the lecturers negotiated the trial outcome and what a relief when we knew we all managed to graduate.

Compare our expressions before and after judicium being told to us.
Bottom pics, from left to right: Nicky, Abo, Me, Nidya, Iwan and Ijal.
But that was a year ago.

Before I got the job (actually, it's not official yet that I am accepted), I had so much time, literally. And it was hard. Imagine one year without doing anything you supposed to do. They told you to find a job and earn money for your life. But some people don't just apply for a job and accepted shortly afterward. Some people (like me) have to try over and over again before finally hired. And as the time goes by, I just sitting and sleeping and anything repeated over and over again. I'm telling you: that's really BORING.
I play the game everyday.

I make the illustration everyday.

I hang out with my girls (not everyday).

I read a lot right before sleeping.

The worst part of being a long-time unemployee (I hate saying this to myself) is, we start to wonder a lot, more than we can imagine. I wonder if only I applied for a post-graduate scholarship, or started to do some home business, or dare enough to find a job far accross the island, etc. That makes me deppresed (trust me,I know what I say).
Wonder if only..bla bla bla.
But now I'm grateful, because there is no temptation without hikmah. A year before actually having a job is given me many lessons. I became closer to my family, more time to touch my hobbies, more time for worship and even socialize with neighbors.

Now all five of my friends have the scholar trial on the same day, have a steady job. Nicky at the bank, Abo at the insurance company, Nidya married, Iwan as QC. Me? Sadly, still a free lancer.

Well  Michael Jordan, our favourite basketball player once said,

"I've failed over and over and over again. That's why I'm succeed."

So I think I have to remain optimistic!