Talking Inspirations

Talking about inspirations, there are sooo many things that influence me in every part of my life. I could say, the religion, attitude, art, even how do I look. Cz you know, we couldn't be genuine unless we mix and match the experience in our head to be something new, something that genuinely describes ourself. So here are some of my inspiring stuffs:

Prophet Mohammad SAW

    So proud to be his ummat. And I really wish that I and another Moslem in the world could share the same inspiration. Amen.
My Mother's artworks

These are what my mother has drawn in her booknotes. I fell in love in sketching and drawing since then. And up until now, I love to sketch waaaaaaaaaay more and more. Thanks to my mother. :)

The internet!

I imagine if only I didn't open my eyes at this stuff. There are waaaaaay many netizens that inspired me. here are some of them:
diana rikasari
deviant art
who what wear
and many more..... yes I love style!

Soon I will add more of the links. Just wait up. :)