7 cm

I never know that having a long distance relationship is this hard. Every time I look up the map, searching for my exact location, I am like, "Okay, Medan to Sumedang is only like 7 cm". But it is only on the map. The exact distance between Medan to Sumedang is 2,367 km and the only way to reach it is only by plane. *poker face* Traveling by plane is not something you could easily do every time you feel like you want to do it. Despite its expensive price, you still need to book the seat first.

Medan - Sumedang is only 7 cm.
For me who had a very long life in Java, I still surprise how our planning and time management skill are extremely required to live in here. So now I have this notebook with everything scheduled and written here. I start to write our holiday and day-off dates and plan my trip (not to mention if I suddenly have any occupational trip). Also, I need to save a lot of money to prevent me from bankruptcy (I KNOW this is soo exaggerated) so I can easily fly when I need to - or in this case, when I miss this person. The worst part is, now I'm so poor I can't go to Sumedang and meet up. :(


Namu What?

So this is a report about my trip to a place called Namu Sira-Sira, a river dam in North Sumatra. It's a trip with our office mates, especially from our division, HSE (Health, Safety, Environment). I've never do rafting before so I was extremely excited. Too bad, I forgot to apply the right sun block on my skin so right now I am soooo tanned :(


Laboratory going Safety

Okay, first of all, I apologize for my posts are not made in English recently. It's simply because I'm quite busy with my "BPS" life (my work place) and rarely make drawings or illustrations. So, please enjoy the pictures below and I must tell you, I'm gonna do English (and illustration) posts again very soon. :)

Ehem...jadi kemaren 'kan aku pernah cerita kalau program BPS sudah resmi ditutup pada akhir November kemarin, dan sekarang kami sudah diangkat (sejak 1 Desember 2012 tepatnya) menjadi karyawan. Ya! Karyawan! Hehe. I always speechless kalau menyadari fakta ini. Tempat kerja saya ini dipenuhi anak jurusan teknik. Dan saya, ehem, MIPA.

Oke deh, anak MIPA yang suka menggambar. :D

Sejarahnya panjang. Jadi dulu itu memang perusahaan saya butuh beberapa orang lulusan sains murni (baca: kimia) untuk ditaro di lab. Dan saya juga pernah cerita kalau saya kemarin OJT paling lama di lab. Makanya aku sih udah siap-siap aja kembali ke "habitat" awalku waktu kuliah (as a lab rat, of course). Sampe-sampe di kosanku yang di Cilacap itu, barang-barangku masih kutinggal di sana. Karena emang biasanya tempat OJT yang didiami dalam waktu lama itulah yang bakal jadi tempat kerja kita nantinya.

Dan eh, saya salah sangka!