RPG - Laxius Force

Well, this may be isn't a new game, but I find it a worth to play one. It's a classic RPG, if you ever played Aveyond, then I think u'll like this game. I haven't finish this game yet, and really looking forward to finishing this game - a real gamer will think about his game too much before he finished you know.

The title screen.
The title says "Laxius Force". The game so far tell us about two lovebirds which are heroes and need to save the world (cliche, I know). U should play yourself and see how interesting this game is. But! I should warn you that this game contains a few mature conversations. Looks like this game designed for teenager and older. ^^
The view of the game in Mt.Deenera.

The combat screen.

My problem so far is, I couldn't retrieve the spark-whatsoever-crystal which is instructed by the witch and so important for the rest of quests! All because my heroes' level isn't high enough yet. Hmh. Kinda stressed.

See the walk through here.

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