Between Life and Tale

Life is like play hide and seek. You can never stop worry when you hide, and you cannot stop being frustrated when you seek. Life also provides so many choices we could take or just leave. And somehow when you feel that many choices there are, not any of them fit you perfectly, you wish that you were life in a fairy tale, a place where everything ended ‘happily ever after’.

But then you forget about something: that ‘happily ever after’ term just implied for the so called Cinderella, or Snow White, or Belle, and their friends. Yeah, there are the main characters, the good ones, not the bad or so - so ones. And you also realized that you ARE not the main character. You’re just an additional in your own life - well you even haven’t had any life from the beginning, though.

So in the end, you crave your old life – the real one, where no matter unimportant you are, you still able to have your own life. You will never have to worry because this kind of life wouldn’t refuse to accept your existence. You will realize that the life won’t reject you even though its people will. So don’t be afraid, there’s always a place for you. No need to prove anything to anyone. Just live the life. And also believe in God. Be thankful.

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