Ramadhan in Padang


(now I realize that I HARDLY say salam except on the right column of this blog as my introduction. my bad!)

So tomorrow is the beginning of Ramadhan 1434 H. I'm excited and sad at the same time. Excited yeah, because well, it's Ramadhan! Sad because this is the second Ramadhan without me gathered with my family. :( Last year I was on my on-the-job-training session and there were my friends around me. I was in Jakarta back then. This year? I'm in Padang and alone. I live in this residence with everyone is employed in the company I worked for. They are all MEN. Right now I'm still acquaintances with the wives (of course I have to socialize more with the wives). I hope because of this Ramadhan coming, our bond will become stronger and better than acquaintances. There is always a person or two with judgy personality or insecurity issue but I'm sure if we choose the right approach, we're gonna blend easily.
This illustration made for the sample as I applied for an illustration job. For Asma Nadia! She saw this picture and replied my application letter but as I told her my domicile, she apparently shut the application down. :)

Guess what?

I think I'll make myself a challenge. You know I do the tarawih every night (insha Allah) and at the time between Isya and the tarawih, there's a preach spoken by the ustadz and I think I need to write it down - ON MY BLOG! Just like what we did right in the child hood when our teacher asked us to resume every preach told by the ustadz and it affects our class score. This is similar, only I will do it in my blog. The score? It's Allah's turn to decide. :) Plus, if I go for a business trip (this Thursday I have a plan to do one) I have to find a way to fill the blank - anything good from the internet or television can score. Oh and I will switch the language from English to bahasa and vice versa.

Actually I always have this thing in mind to split my blog into two categories: general and Islam. But I feel very secular if I do it so this is maybe the first step to make everything blend in harmony. I hope I'll be consistent. Aamiin.

Today preach was about the four groups those are waited by the heaven. They are:
1. People who love to read Al Qur'an.
2. People who keep their mouth from bad speaking.
3. People who tend to decrease the burden of their brothers/sisters - counted also as shadaqah.
4. People who do the fasting on Ramadhan.

In order to do the forth point, tomorrow (some people have started the fasting since today) will be the time. So, welcome back Ramadhan. Start this month with a very BIG smile and spirit to pray and do the good deeds waaayyy more than usual. :)

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  1. suka buat tulisan yang satu ini, tambahkan juga tradisi taraweh disini sungguh berbeda dari tempat asal kita masing-masing :D


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