Unhidden Artworks in a Hidden Object Game

I love hidden object games, especially the ones provided from the Big Fish game company and others - yeah, Gamehouses. I play like, tons of hidden object games, and most of them are very addictive. Okay, some people maybe don't like playing a game in which they have to stare so much at the screen to find the objects on the list so their eyes might hurt and a little headache. Or they say it's boring. But different person has different fondness, and I'm a big fan of this kind of game. It's because, I love puzzles and most importantly, I love the artworks which can be seen on the game. They painted the scenery manually and then re-touched it digitally. So stunning. You know, I envy for every artist who's able to make a beautiful game's scenery like that.

Well, these are some of my favorite hidden object games all the time, with emphasize on their artsy scenery in the snapshots. Note that the list isn't ordered, it's just numbered:


I'm a big fan of Alice in Wonderland stuff, so to be able to play a game with Alice in it, it's a huge pleasure. The scenery is pretty whimsical with anime-like characters in it.
Alice in Wonderland.

The main character is Mortimer Beckett, we won't only find object in the list but also solve the puzzles. Pretty interesting.
Mortimer Beckett

I love horrors, so this one is pretty lovely for me.
Deadtime stories.

I watched the Johnny Depp's version of movie and totally frightened. Headless ghosts are always the creepiest ever.
Sleepy Hollow

This is a very interactive hidden object game, and the artworks is very whimsical, with fairy-tales feeling on it.
Dream chronicles

So girly and since I love anything about wedding, so I love it. The artworks here is very beautiful.

The characters are made in 3D, so it's quite lively. The artworks is very retro because the game story took place in a haunted (or vampire-ed) manor.

I must say that THIS is the most amazing hidden object game I've ever played. I always love the whimsical, creepy, with a twist artworks there. And if you happen to know, this game is one of the famous Mystery Case Files Series. I've played Madame fate, Mystery of Ravenhearst Manor, etc. And still crave for more. Ah maybe I should blab about them later.
Madame Fate
So, what's yours?

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