Currently a wanderer (because of work) who spent 1/3 of her life as a corporate slave while maintaining her true passion as anything more interesting than being a corporate slave - oops - in the rest of the time. I love anything visually artsy. I could spend hours looking at Google images, Instagram or Pinterest just to see anything interesting to satisfy my art-thirst (is that even a legal term? lol).

A little fun fact. I'm an over thinker with some confusing stuff waiting to explode in my head. So you may find cynical words that flowered with sarcasm here and there. And I'm also very subjective. Uhm. Bear with me, okay?

Well you can talk to me as long as I'm not busy. You can email me. Just don't call me, okay? I hate talking on the phone.


D. Isnaini Fadhilah