Looking Forward to Moving Forward

I'm in a serious need of help. It's just, well, I don't know. Every time I look down on my shoes, I see my steps and wonder if I've been in the right track all these times. Sometimes I feel like I keep walking and walking but in fact I'm not going nowhere. But hey, I have to believe that I'm in the middle of a progress. A long process, to be able to move forward. It's hard and sometimes, it's hurt. But I have to face it no matter what.

Well, this is another submission for illustration Friday this week. It's been months since the last time I've participated in the group. I hope this illustration is quite suitable for this week's theme. Apologize for the pathetic opening paragraph. It's just a narration! :)


  1. This is a clever interpretation of the topic...and I like your illustration point-of-view! Keep moving forward!!! :)

  2. Hi Dewi! I don't hate this narration.
    i awarded you for Liebster Blog!
    I write about the award on my blog.


WOW Thank you!