Fashion Vs. Uniform

First thing that I was excited to experience when I graduated from my high school was, the fact that I didn't have to wear any uniform to go to campus. I was kind of sick using the same style of uniform everyday. White shirt, grey skirt and black shoes everyday. No exception. It's pretty boring.

Why do I hate uniform? You can say, well, I do love fashion. And fashion has so many kind of color, style, cut, you name it. That is why I hate wearing the same kind of outfit everyday. I even decided to not to have a job that oblige me to wear any kind of uniform-ish clothes. But in fact, I'm not that fashionable! Even if I was so happy for getting out of my 12 years life in a duty for wearing uniform to go to school, you could find me back then when I was a college-student, wearing the similar outfit everyday!

This is me when I was in college. Yeah, it's sort of uniform-ish outfit.
My mom used to buy me like millions of plaid shirts. Kind of silly, no? Uhm I don't know but well I like plaids. Even now I still love it. Plaid shirt is like grunge thing that reminds me about Kurt Cobain (I don't know much about his music but I think he's cool). Also, I love shirts. Seriously.

And guess what, for now I am here, during my job training, I have a duty to wear a white shirt plus dark-blue trousers, along with dark tie and veil. Everyday! You're right. It's uniform again! Tsk...I think I should make up my mind for not too much complaining about this uniform thing. Come to think about it. Wearing uniform is not that bad. It shows our loyalty and unity regarding being in the same company as employees. So I think I must stop minding this thing.

*By the way, I post a lot of complaining thing in my blog recently. Woops I shall stop doing this. Complaining isn't a good habit, I think.

What do you guys wear to your office or school? Tell me about it. :)

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  1. my college fashion theme is up-side down, sometimes i can be the 'girliest' ever, or sporty, or even the 'worst'. hhi
    when i have an office in the future, i am thinking about wear Serena Van Der Woodsen work style.. kekeke~


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