Whew it's been months since I've done my last blog post! Actually I've been busy doing my job-training schedule. It's like  the days are just changed from morning to evening and the noon is always skipped.

Without further ado, here are some sketches that I've tried to make to compile my daily routine. And oh, did you know that I've been in Cepu (it's a town in Indonesia) for 4 weeks? There are so much to learn and it feels like my brain is going to burst! (Okay, it's lebay). Well then, sorry for the poor image quality. We've got no scanner here! Begin:

Cepu, a 2 month-length oil and gas intensive course - 50% in progress.
We are watched by some army instructor, to make sure that we keep our discipline high.
THIS IS why I said that I always skip noon. I'm not used to sleepy during the class while I was in college, but now I'm a sleepy-bone! What a trainee. -_-
The first "side" project I've done here. This is a picture of a son of my colleague.
A wife and her son.
Another couple here..
A dad's caricature, edited by my friend. Actually I don't do caricature, but well, he paid me a lot I couldn't reject. :P
After I think about this over, I decide that this is not that negatively stated. Sometimes you've got to be more patient for whatever may come in your life. Life is too unpredictable you know. And why should I comply for what I've craved to have? So, what I'd do is just trying to:

And always thanking and asking for directions to Allah for what I've got. He knows the best.

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