Two Versions of The Sky

First of all, I want to tell you that if you wonder where my latest post has gone, then I must say I hid it somewhere safe, until everything is getting back to normal. Sometimes you write things you think is right, while forgetting about other’s point of view. It’s just, I have no idea how to make things right, unless you tell me to. And I need it to be clear. You know, I’m not the brightest person in the world I can’t always decode your signs. But once again, seriously, I only write and draw, I mean totally no harm. I don’t mean to make anyone unpleased because my words are as sincere as I can spill without any special signs. But if I do so, just tell me straight ahead and I’d figure how to fix it. Like this hiding thing.

And well, this is the beginning of Syawal month, and three days ago we were just celebrate the Eid el Fitr. So.. Happy Eid Mubarak! Taqobalallohu minna wa minkum. May Allah accept our ibadat during Ramadhan, and forgive our sins so we can start over, starting this month.
The last day of Ramadhan's morning sky, taken with my BlackBerry 9670.

During this Lebaran (from here I will say “Lebaran” to refer the Eid el Fitr), I did the “mudik” for the first time. Mudik means you’re back to your hometown to celebrate your special event, like this Lebaran. This year is my first year as an employee (trainee, to be exact), and have I said that I live quite far from my hometown? Yeah, I live in Cilacap (Central Java) now, and my hometown is Sumedang (West Java). It’s like six to seven hours travelling. Luckily, I’ve got six days off and I was allowed to go home. Because of the Independence Day’s ceremony that we have to attend on the 17th, I decided to go home on the following night. It was unimaginingly a long journey; I left Cilacap at 9 pm, and arrived in Sumedang at 6 am on the next day. I was exhausted, but also excited. Come on, this is my first mudik! And during the way before we  reached my home, I see the sun peeking on the east. It was so yellow, with orange-ish sky around it. And the temperature was so cold I could feel my hands shaking! I took the scenery with my cell phone. Not a good snap shot, though. But I quite like it. Besides, it’s been like million years I haven’t see the sun from my hometown!

The color of the sky was really fascinating. I even made another version of them. I made two drawings, one with my pastel colors, and one with my water colors. It’s been months since I used both of them (I always use my color pencil nowadays) and the resulted drawing are not really satisfying. Perhaps I’ll make another version. Come on, painting the sky is a tough job, but I won’t be too bored to do it because, you know, I fancy the sky, any state of it. Next time maybe I’ll show you some of “my” skies.

The first version was made with my oil pastels.

This one was made by my water colors.
See, there are two drawings from only one source of scenery, yet the result is totally different, although both of them are made by one person (that's me). Well of course one of the reasons is because I used the different style of drawing. So here what I'm trying to tell. We people can't judge as easy as we speak without thinking. Because there are points of view and each of them aren't always the same. We can see the same sky, but do we really look at it in the same way?

And for the blog posts, there are tons of post, but can you differ which is right and which is wrong? So once again, pardon me if my thoughts, that is resulted from my point of view is unpleasant according to your point of view. Because, well, it's just unavoidable. You think so, don't you?


  1. Beautiful photo, Dewi. And the drawings are so lovely. I love the first one, especially. The colors are so rich and gorgeous. I do like both versions of the sky, too. Very nice work!

    1. Yes thank you, Liz. But maybe the timing of the first drawing isn't really obvious that it was a "morning sky". lol


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