So here I am. Doing my "KKW" with an incredibly slow speed. The history repeats. It was like, my 7th and 8th semester of college (with "skripsi" or my final project) life is coming again - in an uglier form! Hehe. Sorry for being so extra (or "lebay").

This is what happened. I got the projects, and then I think about how I am going to do the project. And then I'll plan about how I'll finish the projects. And then I'll figure how the project will turn out. See? Think. Plan. Figure. Where's the "do"? I think that's the part where I used to stuck.


But well, forget about my KKW blabbing. It's something I have to do, not to blab about. Today is my college's 55th anniversary. It's a little late when I noticed because I turned my blackberry updates off so I didn't know when my friends suddenly changed their display pictures with the college's anniversary logo. Of course I didn't want to skip the excitement, so I also changed mine. I put my signature on it so people won't steal it. Artwork stealing is so "in" nowadays! Duh!

The "tweedledew loves you" part was my idea. Sorry! :P

It's so nostalgic when my friends also put their NPM (means "Nomor Pokok Mahasiswa", or your student ID number) on their status message. Mine is 140210060032 fyi. It reminds me about my orientation or "ospek" back 6 years ago. O. M. G. I was like so.. clumsy back then. But not too clumsy to not to break the rules, and got punished because of it (remember about the girl with the red, ridiculous hat? Or the girl with fake flannel shirt? FYI, that was me). It was not that I didn't care about the ospek's rules, I was just hate orders. Besides, after the ospek ends, the seniors will eventually take their "mask" off and stop the "game".
Where was I? I forget.

My college days were quite fun. I did so many things I love, like always be the publicist and journalist and illustrator and decoration staff, and secretary. The ugly part maybe, when I have to do something I hate. Like the physical chemistry stuff. I guess I was too blunt to study that kind of lesson. :P And I was (and always) totally in love with the biochemistry (this is the only lesson I love the most and I never fail). Actually, biochemistry was not my first love. It was the organic chemistry. But I gave up when I realized that the "structure elucidation" lesson was so NOT in my area. :P
Secretary time.

The laboratory practice was the most annihilating and humiliating lesson. I mean, we've got one or two SKS for those, yet the time we spent for each was so extra. For the laboratory practice, 2 SKS means you've got 4 to 5 hours practicing and a week for writing the report. Seriously!
Uhm..the physical chemistry laboratory.

And then I also did the "KKN" or "Kuliah Kerja Nyata". Means, we met the real civilian, and figure how we help them with our knowledge. My KKN mates were superb cool. It might the first time I got friends from many departments. That was also the first time I got the teaching experience. At first, I was like, "Oh My God, these kids are STARING at me!" and I was like, "Did you get me?". FYI, they were the elementary school kids. But then, I quite enjoyed the experience. I even tried teaching the kindergarten students, too. I took part with the "drawing" session.  I wrote about how you should teach your kids to draw, here.
Do I make myself clear?

The final year was the most ghostly year. Was it just me or that 2009 and 2010 was SOOOOOO SLOOOWWW. Because I had my final project at the moment. And you know I'm a BIG procrastinator (they say, the perfectionist IS the biggest procrastinator ever. Does the opposite term stand?). But that's not an excuse. Alhamdulillah. I was managed to finish the project and graduated just in time.
My *uhm* research poster, hanging next to me.
Me, with the computational chemistry laboratory research family.

Being a part of my college's family was priceless. It colored my life's history as I experienced my half-teenage year there. So thanks, Universitas Padjadjaran. For being not mean to me during my college life.


Okay, that's a little nostalgic thing about my college life. Of course there are so many experiences I had undergone back then. But pouring your 4 years life in one post is not a really good decision. So I think it's enough.

Wait.. 10 PM already? Uh..back to my KKW project. I'd better hurry!

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