If you can't fix it, STOP breaking it

At the end of August I was concerned by the shocking news from the west Kalimantan. You may have heard about this very sad story, about that died, burnt, orangutan. Yeah. That was really pathetic. I mean, smoke a confused animal and burnt it this cruel until it die; I was like, really?? We have to end this misguided act. Don't blame anyone. Or any industry (even if they are deserved it). Just, we people have to be more caring, or at least don't do anything harmful.
An orangutan campaign poster, made by me in 2010.
Maybe we should just stop being apathy. The world spins and time flows, and the nature even older, and broken. Same thing with the orangutan. Why do you think there are animals conquering the village? Because we people took and broke their village (yes. the forest) first. Remember this kid, Severn Suzuki said in the United Nations Nature Conference back in 1992?

"If you can't fix it, STOP breaking it"

Please, STOP animal cruelty, not only for the almost-extinct ones, but every animal. Or even organisms. Animals are also the God's creation that we should not miss-treat like that.

There are several ways to do more; CLICK these:

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