The Three Options

This is a note about my friends. They have different thoughts about "what you have to do after graduate" and stuffs. But I'll just divide it up to three main thoughts. Some of them think that graduating a master degree after finished the bachelor degree is a big success, and it gets bigger when they have it free (means, they get scholarships). Some of them think that married in a very young age (say, in the early of twenty) is a success. And they need no other (the stuffs above will follow they said). Some of them think that having a great carrier in a great company right after the graduation is a very great achievement. Especially when they have some kind of ambitions, or have the kindness to "payback" to their parents (actually, it wouldn't ever fully paid, with everything your parents gave to you).

It's actually a picture of Jodie Foster. Made by me, a year ago.
Plain A4 sketch paper, pencil color and Photoshop.
How about my thoughts?
I think everything is up to the conditions. It's all right that you have to keep idealistic. But well, you also need to be realistic. That's why I chose to find somewhere in between. Let me make an example.

In this example, you are just graduated. You are a 22 years old-girl, born in a cannot-be-categorized-as-rich family (your father has retired), have a younger brother who has to attend his first year in college very soon, and you are a kind of muslimah that thinking that having a boyfriend without marriage is forbidden. (I know, poor you).


When you think about the master-degree, you have to think about how hard everything will be and how much your parents should pay for you (and your younger brother). Let's say, you have scholarship so you don't have to think about your education-fee. But how about your younger brother? You'd be a very selfish person if you enjoy your own education while he couldn't. Today's education fee is very expensive, right?

What about "married in the young age"? Uhm.. the situation is the same with above. When a girl is married, she will play the role as a wife. Means, she has her full-obedience to her husband. Means, if her husband doesn't let her to give her family some money (it's just an "if"), the family will also suffer. Well, if you are the youngest family member  (so you don't have to pay for your brother's college fee) or your parents are rich, it'll be another story. (Hail to everyone who is the youngest!).

The third option says, you can be bright in your carrier. You'll get paid, and you can give it to your family. Your younger brother will be relieved and does not have to worry about his education's fee, like you did. And the most important thing, you can also continue your education: master-degree, PhD, you name it.  All because of you have enough money. What about marriage? It's another story. When this guy is fully understand about your position, it'll be nothing to worry. He can let you have your carrier, like, for 5 years so your family didn't have to suffer. But it's not as simple as that.


Options are everywhere. They have both plus and minus. Thing is, somehow not every friends you have is fully accept your thoughts. And because of that, they think of you as "loser". Of course it'd be very happy if you can have everything together. But this is life. You have to choose a thing while forget (or postpone) about others. Not everything in life is free, right?

This is what concerns me the most, I'm sick of people telling others as loser or whatsoever just because they have different point of view. Now let's hope that you shouldn't have a condition like this girl in the example, or even worse. 

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