7 cm

I never know that having a long distance relationship is this hard. Every time I look up the map, searching for my exact location, I am like, "Okay, Medan to Sumedang is only like 7 cm". But it is only on the map. The exact distance between Medan to Sumedang is 2,367 km and the only way to reach it is only by plane. *poker face* Traveling by plane is not something you could easily do every time you feel like you want to do it. Despite its expensive price, you still need to book the seat first.

Medan - Sumedang is only 7 cm.
For me who had a very long life in Java, I still surprise how our planning and time management skill are extremely required to live in here. So now I have this notebook with everything scheduled and written here. I start to write our holiday and day-off dates and plan my trip (not to mention if I suddenly have any occupational trip). Also, I need to save a lot of money to prevent me from bankruptcy (I KNOW this is soo exaggerated) so I can easily fly when I need to - or in this case, when I miss this person. The worst part is, now I'm so poor I can't go to Sumedang and meet up. :(

My relationship with this person is so deep yet our distance is so far. Too bad we couldn't meet up right now while I miss her so bad.

She's the biggest person ever in my lifetime.
She's even bigger because she's the only reason I try to be big, too.
She loves me like nobody else does.
She always support me while everyone else look down on me.
She defends me so hard in my darkest time and pushes me to stand up again.
I call her "Ibu".

She's my mom.

Me and my mom.
December is like a special month for her. She has her birthday on December 8 and the mother's day coming on December 22. So she has double presents on this month. I used to give her presents - most of them were inexpensive, but she always happy to receive every pieces of them. And of course, she deserves anything better than it. 

You know, being a mother is a very tough job. I just hope that I won't do anything harmful or make her sad. Rosul says, that Allah's blessing is depended on our parents blessing. I found it perfectly right.

Yesterday we had this chat on the phone and she said that she miss me so much. It still shocked her that I am so far from our home today. I couldn't help to cry at the moment but I hold my tears so she wouldn't hear it in my voice - cause she always know. She must know that I am strong enough to live in this new world (uhm did I say "world"?). And this is what I told her:

"Don't worry mom, we're only 7 cm separated."

She laughed at the moment but I could hear her ready-to-cry voice. :(

So once again, all I wanna say is, I love you, Ibu. Even if we have arguments like very often, and we hardly saying the words "I love you" to each other, I know that we love and we need each other with no words can describe perfectly. So happy mother's day. Sorry for not being there, but I promise we're gonna meet up very soon. Insha Allah. :)

"My Lord! Bestow on them Your Mercy as they did bring me up when I was small." - Quran Surah 17 : 24.


WOW Thank you!