Namu What?

So this is a report about my trip to a place called Namu Sira-Sira, a river dam in North Sumatra. It's a trip with our office mates, especially from our division, HSE (Health, Safety, Environment). I've never do rafting before so I was extremely excited. Too bad, I forgot to apply the right sun block on my skin so right now I am soooo tanned :(

This is a super fast post I won't talk about it in too many words (I'm in the middle of working right now!hehe) so here are the pictures. PS: Some of the pictures were taken by me. Hehe.

Here comes the hunt! Not everyone got the chance to get the right outfit (if it wasn't too small, it was too large). Mine? Of course. Found the smallest one! heheh.
Yes that's me taking pictures. :D
I think I was the one who snap this. I am not sure. This is not a good picture anyway :D
They jumped off the cliff!
And this was the climax: we fell!
Okay. That was superb. I don't know that rafting is a good sport. So I think I look forward to do it again. See you!

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