The Tough-ing Theory

In the middle of anything-I've-been-currently-doing, I watched movies a lot. I think it's a way to distract me from my endless routine on my work place. Here I don't make friends a lot, even after 8 months, everyone is just acquaintances (a hint! you don't really make friends in the office, mostly you'll just make plain "relations"). Uh, the melancholic side of me.

Notice anything about the picture? Yup. Anna Karenina (movies, not the book) has caught my attention this week. I love it because I love the ambient, I love the princess-y clothes, I love the artsy act, and I love both Keira Knightley and Aaron Johnson as well. If you want to know about the review, simply click this.
Anna. Marker on plain sketch book.
Honestly, I don't tolerate any kind of affair and betrayal and back-stabbing story (spoiler alert!). Especially when it comes to a love story. The whole beauty of the story is just murdered by any kind of ugly betrayal (true story #whoops). Fortunately, for Anna Karenina, the ending answers all. That's why the negative effect is quite acceptable. The most lovable point was obvious. Yes! The artsy visual!
Look at them! Artsy ambient and beauty of the faces combined into one. Love Love Love.
The comical version of the second illustration was also made by me. I first didn't planned it to be a finished and colored illustration but then, okay, I just put the marker on it and here's the result:

It's too comical!
The picture above didn't much resemble the face of Anna, though. It's more like Kitty. But did Kitty wear colorful dress in the movie? (I will re-watched it again to make sure of it). Lesson I learned from this movie is that lying isn't solving anything. Furthermore, it'll get worse once you decided to escape (as Anna and Vronsky). Does escaping make everything enjoyable? Not at all. It'll just make you lie, and lie, and betray, and lie. Nothing good from escaping or hiding, even if being brave and different, caught too much attention and it's hard to handle. Anna was just a fragile girl pretending to be tough after all.

This is happened to remind me a bit of myself lately.

Okay, a little life update. These two weeks were unimaginably super hectic. We've got a bunch of audit, a tight schedule of business trip, the company anniversary event to handle, and some regular stuff that we missed we have to pay it in the beginning of another month (because of the preparation of the audit). And I, like everyone in the make-it-happen-team in my office, is engaged for making everything score. Although it didn't really help us with our career path (whoops), our boss wanted everything to be perfect and promised us special rewards for the achievement. Unfortunately, everything wasn't so good - if it was not bad - and we didn't reach the target(s) as planned, and especially for me, it was just horrible. Well, I was in charge back then!

Not that my boss or colleague blamed me or anything. Well, the feeling is just too familiar. I always put my target as high as humanly possible and whenever I fail to reach it, I feel very depressed. Maybe this is happened to be the reason why I'm so tired right now. But I cannot escape or hide! That's the most troublesome part because unlike Anna, I am not used to pretend to be tough.

Lesson here: managing means organizing, and a visionary idea of preventing any worst scenario to happen is not avoiding it, but to make hundred plans about any possibility. That way you'll learn to be (or pretend to be) tough.

Until then and stay tough.

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