Bad Blood

Small fact about me, I love Taylor Swift. I put a lot of her songs in my playlist and often sing along with it for her songs have not much too high or too low note. I have some favorite songs from her albums and currently I'm in love with everything in 1989 Album. Especially Bad Blood.

My attempt of drawing Taylor Swift. Pen and oil pastel on a plain paper.

bad blood
  1. ill feeling.
    "there has always been bad blood between these families"

Here I'm not gonna tell you about her, tho. Yet I'm not going to write another random opinion about the song but this post is a lot related with the powerful meaning of the lyrics. Well, I found the song is interesting since it has a girl to girl relationship. We girls hate each other, they said. We stare at each other to validate something, judging each other and at some point when we don't like what we see, we'll be like, "Ew! I'm still better" (sort of that). That's not entirely true. We girls compete with each other - that's true. That's why we wear make up and wear brands, right?

Please validate our flawless - full make up - face.
I am actually sick of that stereotype. I am not saying that I am different than the other girl, no. I am ordinary just like everyone else - despite my twisted mind. I even always have cliques since elementary school - girls hang out with other girls, like in sorority or such. Even until I graduate from uni I still have a clique (a ridiculous one, tho) and we still close with each other no matter how far our distance is.
We're almost inseparable at uni. Source: Google.
Nowadays I found it's hard to find such girls. I kind of a little stress whenever that bad thought come to my mind: unaffiliated with no girls clique feels weird. I miss that moment when girls could hang out together without being envious or jealous of who's friend with who, who's got boyfriend and who's single, or who's likely popular and who's not, who's recognized by the boss and who's hardly known existed. Let me tell you. We girls hang out because we have that matching needs, minds, style concept, hobby, sense of humor, etc. I miss that a lot. And at the moment we don't care about people's opinion.

Ah, I forget. This isn't high school or uni. This is a work place, a career, a battle field when men dominates the worlds and it seems that the women are compete to be surrounded by men and start to hating her kind - women themselves. OMG why is that! Can we be just back to normal, please? The main reason I pursue this career is just I don't wanna end up being a gossipy housewives. Well I was wrong because housewives or not, women still can be gossipy (I heard them a lot in the office and they are kind of sucks). It's a matter of personality, not profession.
Is this what you want in the company, girl? Source.
BUT, we are women now, right? We have jobs, we earn salary, and we work 7 to 4 for 5 days a week. Means we are grown ups. Are the competing thing still relevant? Despite the career-battle whatsoever - the so called office politics.

GIRLS compete with one another. WOMEN empower each other. - anonymous.

Dear women, we don't have to have bad blood to each other. Try to grow up, we're not in kindergarten. We must develop better ways to adapt because we are constantly growing. For whom this applies to, we are no longer girls now. Now let me ask you something, are you a girl, or are you woman? Your choice.

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