The Loyalist without Hobbies

What does "loyalist" mean to you?

Maybe you think the person who's not cheating in a relationship is a loyalist. The person who always defend and support you in any situation is loyal. The person who stays beside you no matter what, or the person who thinks you as a positive creature (IDK, what is the right term for this? "Husnudzon"), they are also loyalist. It varies but mostly, it agrees with the term "having or showing complete and constant support for someone or something (okay, I took this from Merriam-Webster)".

As for me, loyalty is not simply about supporting or defending. For me, giving respect is one act of loyalty. And actually it's a part of "supporting". Especially for something you couldn't completely understand. Like, hobby. Everyone has hobby (I don't know if there's a human without one lol). The common ones are painting, reading, even social media-ing. But some of them have this fetish not everyone could aggree. For example, collecting stamps. It might silly for some people, what's the meaning of collecting stamps, right? There's no practical or concrete use in it but we can't help it if we like them, right?

Or playing games. If you don't play games, you might think it is so unnecessary right? Or, being a groupies, follow your favorite band to wherever they go (okay, this is probably a little "mubazir"). Being a fan of KPop, listening to jazz music, singing karaoke. Even, being a fan of astronomy who spends a lot of effort to catch the rare and unusual moment (for example, the solar eclipse TOMORROW). Etc. Etc. Hello! Should we forbid someone to mind his/her hobby? Ugh. Ew. Not so wise, baby. They have their own judgement and you have no right to judge.

That is the essence of hobby. Not everyone has to understand but yet we still like it. And then if you have a friend who has a ridiculous hobby, who's to blame? Of course we could ask them why they have such odd hobbies but who are you to look down on that fanciness? You can't change a thing you couldn't understand. People are different you know? A true friend won't do such thing. And if you still do? I'm telling you it is VERY OFFENSIVE.

I mean, come on. If you have a hobby to go travel, do it. If you want to watch movies, do it whatsoever. People have different opinion. If you dissagree with something you couldn't understand yet, the safest thing to do is probably respect it. Or ignore it whatever.

You can't just take a hobby from a person!!!

Except if that man has the hobby to annoy or look down on people, then being a loyal friend (or person) is to remind him of his fault and maybe we could try to persuade him to change that evil-ish hobby lol.

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