Cabin Fever 101

How many of you understand that I'm an introvert with clumsy trait and not so-outgoing person? Ouch, that's bold. Now you know!

So yeah, because of those features, I don't go out much.

I have so many hobbies and they include nobody. I mean, I draw, listen to music, watch movies, read, sleep, write.. well, none of them include human in it. I know, if I'm not an introvert then perhaps I'm an anti social lol. Maybe that's my true form of me. At times I have a lot of friends, but I don't really get them to get me. I have social medias and uninstall them one by one before I become something I don't want. *is this too extra?*

I grow up kind of friend-less. My parents were busy, my brothers had other business to do (aside of making fun of me, kind of got on my nerve too much), my neighbors were much older than me (they were also making fun of me). I had cousins but their houses were far and my parents forbid me to play with them too often. It kind of build my personality today, like not a needy person because once I decide to be needy, I'd be very clingy and spoiled. Duh!

My new background to use when I'm too  lazy to make one hhe.
That's why I rarely feel that cabin fever feeling. You know the feeling for not leaving your room too long and not talking to anyone - completely alienated and somehow makes you insane. But I don't. I have so many things in my room to facilitate my needs of sanity. Here they are.


I buy books more than I read them. Somehow seeing so many books on your table enlighten your mood a little (without the urge to read lol). I also crazy about magazines. I buy bunch of them especially in my business trip. An hour on a plane when you're not sleepy has an ability to make you insane once you have nothing to read. So yeah, I need books a lot.


I rarely play games today since it took my time too much. Once I mind my games I'll play it for hours forgetting everything like eats or pee. Especially eats. I don't eat a lot. Playing games would make me no eat all day long. Several weeks ago I played Fable II (RPG is my genre, fyi) and I spent 14 hours playing it. I know, it wasn't surprising for the real gamers will spent much more hours but to me it was insane! Right now I still play The Sims 3 (for real!). My sims is a witch and she now has 5 kids lol. Since my laptop started to overheat so often I decide to stop for a while.


I have a lot of CDs and my current favorite is Pentatonix's newest one. I spent hours for Youtube to search for covers. IDK, I found covers songs to be more interesting than the originals. Especially the acoustic ones. Oh, and piano, too! Spoil my ears so much.


I used to be a moviegoers. But that was yesterday, before I stopped and realized that there's no movies are too important to be watched in the cinema. Okay, that's an excuse because I don't really go watch movies with someone who's not too interested with the movie we're gonna watch. I mean, I comment much. What will I do if they start to mind their cell phone more than paying attention to the movies? I'd prefer watch alone if that's the case lol.


Who needs to be watched while drawing? Nobody, I guess. Most artists are snob. They feel perfect and vulnerable to critiques. Suffer a critique through your creative process is never an option. Wait for us to finish, exhibits it, and you may say whatever after that. *but actually we don't really like 'em lol. I rarely draw today because in order to draw you need times. And I'm too busy (as if!).


I do sing lol. But only when I'm alone (I mean, who doesn't?). Or in front of people but only under certain circumstances. If I don't friendly enough with them I won't sing in front of them like, ever. EVER. Because I know my limit haha and singing is not my best feature.


This is exactly what I am doing right now. Though I don't write a lot actually. Here's the deal. I have that little voice in my head prevent me from being not thinking anything. I feel the anxiety like so often. Somehow I want it to shut up but it seems the only way to prevent it to hurt me is befriended it. That's why I tweet and write. And that's also why my writings are personal, mostly about myself brought to you by that little voice in my head (now you know!).


After finishing with this I'll go to my bed, wrap myself in my blanket and be a cocoon again as usual lol. A hint! I don't sleep a lot. Kind of wasting time, doesn't it?


Those are what I do in order to regain my sanity and prevent myself from having cabin fever. I'm a super lazy wanderer. I have friends of course but we mind our own business once we go home (or weekends!). Enough with that, tho. The things would be different if you're outgoing or talkative or chatty. Cabin fever would be a serious matters.

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