Letting Go

I'm so ashamed by the post I made earlier. (I won't tell you which one :P). At first I just attempted to write about my feeling and I don't think many of my friends will read it. Okay, I did give the link to several of them, just to get opinions. Still, I never thought that they will read it! So now everyone knows what has happened. So they knew that I was a pathetic. But it's just a "was". Means, I'm no longer in grief.

Okay, I still feel the grief.

But not too much. At least I'm ready for the letting go stuff. Yes. I'm coping now. And big thank you for everyone who's gave me supports, courage, advice, anything. You might not believe it but any positive words from you was superb. Appreciate it. May Allah give y'all the best. :)

To be honest, letting go this grief was not easy. But thank God we've managed to do some efforts. So yesterday we had an outing together (all of us, with the same problems). At first I was thinking that if people with the same problem had a discussion together, they will talk about their problem and make pathetic confessions so that the grief will grow bigger. But I was wrong. After we had a chit-chat, ranged from our very problem to the light ones, we felt so much better.

So in my opinion, if you had a grief and want to let it go, I suggest you to talk it with, mostly, the ones who have the same or similar problem with you. If you think, "no, I'll get better after some self-alienation, just leave me alone", you are wrong. Alienation will just make your grief grow bigger, since the negative energy will gather and reach you easily. And your brain (or your heart) won't stop to fight. Your brain may say, "hey you have to stop being a pathetic," but then your heart answer, "no, leave me alone, I'm a loser". etc. Isn't it complicated?

Communication is the key. Don't choose to be alone if you are able to meet other people. By the way, here are some pics of our "letting-go-the-grief"-outing.

Who is this? Is this really me? :P


Some silly snapshots in the restroom.
A little pose while having a talk.
This condition reminds me about a song from Savage Garden, entitled "Crash n Burn".

When you feel all alone

And the world has turned its back on you
Give me a moment please to tame your wild wild heart
I know you feel like the walls are closing in on you


Because there has always been heartache and pain

And when it's over you'll breathe again
You'll breathe again

Have a great day always. :)


  1. Letting go is not an easy task..
    But,Together = Stronger, right?!!
    I'm very proud to see all of u finally made a decision..I believe God will give you multiple of happiness and lucks.Stay strong and keep fighting!!

  2. bener kata jimis.. hidup jimiiis!!! hahaaay... mari bergembira.... ^^ *padahal sendirinya juga galaaaau.... plaaaaak

  3. kalo di film "lost" istilahnya bukan "letting go" tapi "moving on"


WOW Thank you!