The Social Network

It's a bit late to watch this movie. Sigh. Well anyway, the main reason I excited to see this movie is, Andrew Garfield was on it! ^^ Yes, he played 'Eduardo Saverin', the co-founder of Facebook and also a friend of Mark Zuckerberg. Mark was played well by Jesse Eisenberg, with whom he has nominated in many awards, including Grammy. The adorable Justin Timberlake also was on it, he played Sean Parker.

Mr. Andrew Garfield, also a Spidey - to be

 The adorable Mr. Justin Timberlake.

The story so far, I quite love it because of the conflict, of how relationships may end because of money and some miss understanding. Complicated, though. The relationships themselves were talking about the bond between Mark - Erica and Mark - Eduardo. The anger because of Mark - Erica 's conflict tend to an innovation, inflict the energy that build something big: the Facebook, the social network we've been talking in this passage. However, the conflict between Mark - Eduardo resulted in a not so good ending. Well, it was a miracle how the naive Eduardo could be a friend of nerd  Mark from the beginning.

Mark - Erica collapsed 'network'.

Mark - Eduardo, not so good ending.

Thing is, I agree that 'trust' is base of everything that followed by the word 'relationship' - any relationship. Well that's the message!


  1. i love this movie too!
    and just so you know, if you love andrew garfield, try to watch "Never let me go",
    his acting is also nice there!


  2. yes I love Andrew very much!
    okay,NOTED!thanks for letting me know.:)


WOW Thank you!