My Music Life

This is really trivia, since I've got nothing interesting to share this time. (so sorry 'bout that).
I listen to a bunch of genres, including rock, pop, punk, and Indonesian music.
What I love most are their songs:

Solo Boy and Girl
 -1- I love soloists' songs

I love Avril Lavigne since her debut (that's when I was a junior high student). Her strong characters and sense of punk-ness is awesome. So far, I really like her 'What The Hell' single.
Saykoji is one of male hiphop singers in Indonesia. His songs are fun to hear and his lyrics are funny to listen.
BoA? She's a great artist and dancer coming from Korea and rises in Japan. I love her dance performances, and her singing style as well.
Shandy Sondoro is the only one jazz singer i love (he's from Indonesia). Well, I love Sara Bareilles, too. But Shandy is really something.
Lily Allen is fun to listen because her sense of humor in her lyrics. I love every piece of songs of her.
And finally we got Afgan! I bet he'll be a rising world singer someday. I mean, his voice are SKILL (totally). He never fail to amaze me and he never does any lip sync. His voice is pure 99% SKILL without lip-sync-ing. That's TRUE!

Band and Boy Band
-2- Band and Boy Band

I Also love band - and boy band, just like the other normal girls out there. :P
What I love most is Linkin Park. I love them purely because of their songs. They seldom make a love story or whatsoever cliche songs in their singles. They are really mature and creative. Despite the pros and contras because of their latest album (A Thousand Suns), this is just  a proof that they never decease to explore anything new.
Second is Backstreet Boys, yeah they are a boy band. But so what? Since I need a little adjustment in my mood, so their songs are entertained me as well.
And the last is Hoobastank. I wonder where are them now? They hardly seen on TVs.

 -3- Girl in a BAND

I don' know why but I really LOVE punk songs sang by a GIRL in a BAND (not a GIRL BAND). I thought they are really powerful to be a vocalist in a mixed band. Because the hardest part of being a girl in a band is, hardness to gain boy fans. But they're not just that. They are ROCKS. And both girl and boy love 'em.
Hey Monday is rocks, I love their 'Candles' and 'Wondergirl'. And they also come to Indonesia in April although I didn't see them - unfortunately.
Paramore is EVERYTHING in my music life. Yes, I didn't lie because their songs are ROCKS!! I always love punk but their song is really fun to listen. They announce in their web that they will be in a gig on August 2011 in Indonesia. Can't wait! But I probably won't see their gigs since that month will be Ramadhan - yes, I'm a Moslem.
Vierra comes from Indonesia. Their songs are classic. And I love the piano played by their primary composer, Kevin Aprilio. His mom is a singer and his dad is a composer. Well that's epic.
The last is Do As Infinity, a pop band from Japan. They once break apart but now they all together again. Making singles and catchy gigs. I hope they would like to come to Indonesia, soon.

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