Drawing Evolution

The last time I posted my artwork, it was about my wedding present for my best friend. Suddenly I remember about my drawing collections I put in my file holder and contains a bunch of my own drawings since I was a junior. So then I decided to re-peak them all. It was kinda interesting because I could compare anything I made from my old days with anything I make all these days. Unfortunately, my childhood drawings were lost - maybe my parents threw it all away - but okay, I still have some.

My drawing books

Junior Age

My junior drawing style 1
My junior drawing style 2
My junior drawing style 3

On that time I was a big fan of manga and anime and so that influenced my drawing style as much.



My senior drawing style 1
My senior drawing style 2
My senior drawing style 3
All right so back then when I was a high school student, I still influenced by manga. But I think the body proportions I made was better than one from my junior age.



My college drawing style 1
My college drawing style 2
My college drawing style 3
At the time I didn't make drawing very much because I was so busy doing stuff. I went to a science department and I hadn't have much chance to improve my skill. But my involvement in campus organization, as (always) a publication staff, influenced my drawing style so much. It made me tried to use computer to refine my drawing, but I thought that's not really worked. And I also introduced to this person, a real graphic design who gave me critics so that I tried to improve though it was so hard.



My recent drawing style 1
My recent drawing style 2
My recent drawing style 3
Okay so today I try to out of the box. You know there are so many inspirations I can find in only one click (on the internet) away. And since I'm a magazines junkie, I get my inspirations from there. No, I don't forget my 'manga-ish' style, but I just want to improve, and explore so that I could find my own style. So last words from me,

Never stop open your eyes and open your ears. Explore, and find anything interesting to color your art style. Always practice what you found and you'd be improved.


  1. Hey! I like the second last two! And the story of the ghost rider is cool! :) and waiting for the signature line is great !

  2. i love this! seeing the transitions are definitely fun. i especially like the two first college style drawings. :]

  3. @ Andrew Finnie: many thanks, well I'm still a learner after all :D
    @ Elle: yeah.. it's like a history. I wanna see yours, too. ;)


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