4 Elements

Did I say how much I love The Lord of The Rings (its movie, books, anything!)? Well if I didn't say it, then I say that I do adore The Lord Of The Rings. I love the environment, middle age things, the creatures, and of course the story itself. I mean, who else in the world can imagine such a great never lasting tale like that? And when they decided to make the movie, that was very close to my imaginations in the books. So here I am, love anything about hobbits (their upcoming movie), wizards, kingdom, places and most of all: the elves. If you like Orlando Bloom, that actor played Legolas, then u know what I mean.

And what I read lately was the Percy Jackson and the Olympians Series. That story is amazing. And I always love the myth in a story. That nymph thing is really affected my mind and I think that creature is cool. Sometimes I wonder, why would human make such weird imagination? Maybe because we are easily get bored with the reality. It born the myth itself you know.
My inspirational collage
But this isn't what I exactly want to tell to you right now. Thing is, I get inspired by all of these things and decided to make my own version, of course in combinations of all the excitement. So the result is these:
This is supposed to be the "Dryad".
Uhm..I make this as an air fairy - is it actually exist?
The Naiad - water fairy.
Maybe this is Hestia, miss fire.

4 Elements: earth, air, water, fire.
Actually, there are not only 4 elements, if you know what I mean. See the periodic table of elements, and you'll understand. :P


  1. nice! i love the cloud lines on the air fairy piece. :]

  2. nice, you're so talented! wish u can draw me someday ;)

  3. haiu ath ay qta coba bikin fairy dari masing2 elemen di tabel periodik.. hows? *_*


WOW Thank you!