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This week I spent my time most likely by reading some online mangas. You know, if you like manga but for some reasons, you couldn't buy the printed version (I know, this is pathetic), then I suggest you to spare your time seeking your favorite manga and read it on line. There is an unwritten rules if you choose using online manga reader, you shouldn't copy it to your desktop or even print it to publish by your own.

So, by the way, I decided to share where you can read online mangas. But before that, I want to share what I read this week and hopefully this can be such a guide. Just click on the title to get a link to see the mangas. I like various themes of mangas. Please note that everything here is just depend to my personal interests, so if you think you don't like any, just leave it.:)

This manga is written by Yukari Kawachi sensei. Such a vintage manga, but trust me, I like everything made by her and I've been searching this title for years! Hm..it's a shoujo manga, told us about a half-breed girl born from a demon father and an angel mom. This girl, when she turned adolescent, she could show her power both as an angel or demon. Problem is, she lived in a human world and also fallen for a human boy. So you could imagine the problems. Impressions: funny, romantic.
Arisu Ga Fushigi by Yukari Kawachi

Written by Hiroyuki Eto sensei. This is a very children story. The characters are drawn in chibi style (every character are half in sizes). The story told us about a game-like adventure, about a boy who destined to be a Hero to save the world, along with a magician girl who's so clumsy and still need more practice. I like this manga because its funny and ridiculous. Recommended for the comedic lovers.
Mahoujin Guru Guru by Hiroyuki Eto

A horror manga from Yukito Ayatsuji and Hiro Kiyohara. If you like Asian horror (like The Rings, Ju-On, Shutter) then you should try reading this manga. Its scary from the beginning. Guaranteed. PS: I really really adore their artwork. Uhm..may I copy your style, sensei? :P
Another by Yukito Ayatsuji

A light love story from my favourite mangaka, Aya Nakahara sensei. The manga told us about Minami Misora, a not so bright student who's forced to school in a high quality gakuen. At first she hate anything about studying but she changed her mind when she fell in love with the-not-so-bright-boy, Koji Kun. This manga is so light and fun to read.
Benkyou Shinasai by Aya Nakahara

Aaaaah I love Lovely Complex! This is also made by Aya Nakahara. Since I bought the second book because of random picks, I eventually fall in love with this manga. It is about Atsushi Otani, a shorty boy with his bestfriend, Risa Koizumi, a very tall girl. Things are getting ridiculous when they realized they have feeling for each others. With funny conversations here and there, I sure you'll laugh a lot when read it.
Lovely Complex by Aya Nakahara

It's from Youko Kamio. Happen to know about a film titled "Meteor Garden" or "Boys Before Flower"? Yeah, it was originally coming from her manga. Well then I found this manga (also written by her) and totally fall in love. She always manage to make an emotically up beat manga, means you can feel the characters' emotion so deeply without losing the interesting story. I even wanna cry everytime I read the sad section. Anyway, this manga told me about an actress, who suddenly got no confident because of a betrayal from her own best friend. How did she overcome her problem is the main point. You'll get a lotta life lesson, and somehow this character will remind you about yourself.
Cat Street by Youko Kamio

Unlike the other comics, this one is different because it made by a Korean artist. Yes, instead of calling it 'manga', it supposed to named as 'manhwa'. The comics is written by Baek Hye Kyoung. This is a gender-bender manhwa. The main character is a girl who forced to be a boy and built as an idol star.
Chiro Star Project by Baek Hye Kyoung

Oops, did I write too much? :P

As promised above, here where you can read some online mangas. If you find other useful manga sites, please let me know! :)

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