I'ts been a year..

It's been a year since I officially appointed as a bachelor of science. Yes, I've said before that I entered college majoring in chemistry and had graduated since 2010 - on this date. I still remember how my heart beating so much while waiting the judicium outside the room where the lecturers negotiated the trial outcome and what a relief when we knew we all managed to graduate.

Compare our expressions before and after judicium being told to us.
Bottom pics, from left to right: Nicky, Abo, Me, Nidya, Iwan and Ijal.
But that was a year ago.

Before I got the job (actually, it's not official yet that I am accepted), I had so much time, literally. And it was hard. Imagine one year without doing anything you supposed to do. They told you to find a job and earn money for your life. But some people don't just apply for a job and accepted shortly afterward. Some people (like me) have to try over and over again before finally hired. And as the time goes by, I just sitting and sleeping and anything repeated over and over again. I'm telling you: that's really BORING.
I play the game everyday.

I make the illustration everyday.

I hang out with my girls (not everyday).

I read a lot right before sleeping.

The worst part of being a long-time unemployee (I hate saying this to myself) is, we start to wonder a lot, more than we can imagine. I wonder if only I applied for a post-graduate scholarship, or started to do some home business, or dare enough to find a job far accross the island, etc. That makes me deppresed (trust me,I know what I say).
Wonder if only..bla bla bla.
But now I'm grateful, because there is no temptation without hikmah. A year before actually having a job is given me many lessons. I became closer to my family, more time to touch my hobbies, more time for worship and even socialize with neighbors.

Now all five of my friends have the scholar trial on the same day, have a steady job. Nicky at the bank, Abo at the insurance company, Nidya married, Iwan as QC. Me? Sadly, still a free lancer.

Well  Michael Jordan, our favourite basketball player once said,

"I've failed over and over and over again. That's why I'm succeed."

So I think I have to remain optimistic!

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